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Visa Application Process for Canada

If you just graduated and are looking forward to moving into a foreign country to pursue higher
education then Canada might be the best option for you.

With plenty of scholarships for students coming from the subcontinent. Countries like Pakistan, India
To pursue higher education in Canada a student’s will need a Canadian visa also known as the student
Canada is a land of opportunities it is one of the best destinations for international students to go after.
Not only students but investors tourists, workers, and people who want to migrate can choose Canada
as their next option.
However, you must be eligible as a human and fulfill certain requirements of the government of Canada
in order to migrate into Canada.



To receive your Canadian visa you will have to select your visa type on Canadian immigration website.
There will be a list of visa’s that you need to choose from. You will have to select your desired visa type
from the given list.

-Visitor B1/B2
-Student F1
-Work permit
-Exchange program J1
-Family sponsorship F1, F4
-Skilled immigration EB1, EB4
-Business immigration

Once you have selected your desired visa type an application form will be generated, and you will have
to fill your application form after selecting your visa type.


Once the application form is filled and all the required documents are attached to it your application will
be submitted online.
In case you are not able to attach all the required documents then you will have to fill out a waiver form
which will be attached to the application form.


Once the appointment has been booked students or workers are required to show their offer letter their
main reason to get a visa.
They will also have to give biometric details for security purposes.
Students will have to show their English proficiency test, letter of acceptance and paid fees to the


When you have completed the application and all the requirements made by the government of Canada
are matched then you can pay your visa application fees. This includes Canadian government fee and
biometric fee.


If the requirements are met by the visa applicants they will receive a letter or e-mail to visit the visa
application center along with their required belongings.


A medical exam is then conducted on immigrants, students or workers to check if their health is met by
Canadian health standard.


Once the decision of granting visa has been made by the Canadian embassy the applicant will have to
collect his/her passport from the Canadian embassy.
When the applicant has been issued a Canadian visa then he/she can book a flight and enter Canada.

Nowadays the coronavirus disease is affecting immigration, refugees, citizenship and passport services.
The prime minister of Canada has currently restricted traveling to Canada, but applications are still
The disease has limited the ability of application to process normally.

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