Honda Integra the Premium Models 2016

Maxi scooter legal design, integrates dared to revolutionize the genre by combining the ease of use of a motorbike and the dynamic behavior of a motorcycle. By 2016, gets a makeover with new colors especially elegant mats, more comfortable suspensions, full LED lighting.

Honda Integra the Premium Models 2016

One of the markets the more particular maxiscooter for its 17-inch wheels, Honda Integra, comes with small developments in its 2016 edition introduced at EICMA 2015, as well as other new features of the new concept of 750. Its range of prices in Spain it is 9,349 euros, 1500 less than a Tmax Yamaha.

Honda Integra the Premium Models 2016

Like the rest of the new Honda CB500 and NC750, share new lines guidelines brothers with the rest of its range. These:

  • LED front and rear.
  • Fork Showa Bending technology Dual valves for a more linear response.
  • More compact and with a new sound escape Terminal.
  • Software renewed for DCT change with mode S (Sport) with three levels and memory.
  • New customizable backlit instrumentation.
  • Euro 4 approval.Honda Integra the Premium Models 2016

As you can see, these are simple keys, they expect to serve to the importance in relation to other models in the segment’s most powerful and sports scooters. It also comes with two decorations Special Edition, with red and blue accents embellish your look.

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