Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

With the new Vespa Primavera – ‘spring’ across the Alps – Vespa – ‘wasp’ in Italian – brings us the sun before the winter. Innovative design, evolution of the frame of the cycle part, appearance of new equipment, the neo-retro engine 125 cc and 3-valve is not its boils for us to seduce.

 Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

Rambles, neighborhood, beach loneliness… Barcelona is a destination by European youth. Capital of the party where a trade out of two is a bar to tapas (rather cheap indeed!), it however circulates very difficult, regardless of the time of year and time of day. Where the carried by disease tea Italians to two-wheelers motorized, and in Particular to small displacement scooters. This is also not a coincidence, Derby; a 125 scooter is called avenue (Aprilia Sportcity Cube).

Submit new Vespa Primavera 125 here so the meaning and we see it as our first rounds of wheels. Compact, light, the last born of the Vespa range is hyper agile. At his handlebars, it sneaks easily into traffic, one station almost anywhere – because the places reserved for two-wheelers abound and that it is perfectly maneuverable – and above all, it attracts the gaze of onlookers, challenged by this magnificent wasp to modern forms. In a city very fashion where it must be seen, this counts!

 Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

New standards

It must be said that designers of Pontedera have not skimped on stylistic developments to bring a Vespa Primavera born in 1968. The legendary Vespa style endures, necessarily, but in detail the new wasp exposes shells reworked, inspired by the forms of the Vespa 946 exclusive presented last year. In front, under the new fire circled round of chrome, the ‘tie’ extends from now till the bottom of the shield of steel plate, with the same type of opening as the 946.

More techno, positions led lights settled alongside the flashing lights (halogen), with an area smaller than the Vespa LX 125 ie 3V, the Vespa Primavera replaces in the range. Below, we perceive a new fender (plastic) enhanced with a new chrome element. Rims still have five branches, but they are now more rounded harmonious lines.

The design of the rear part is now close to Vespa of post-war, exposing such the wasp a pointed and elongated shape. Wings, more concave than the LX, perfectly reflect the light, as the new set LED lights / turn signals fine; he brings an elegant signature to this modern Vespa. The manufacturing quality is already very good on the LX undeniably escalates. Sections of the body clean, perfect fit and paintings of the highest caliber, the Vespa Primavera 125 2014 is more refined.

 Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

Vespa Primavera: The driver is shocked

On the new less high saddle of the modern Vespa Primavera (-5 mm), accessibility improves in the presence of more narrow boards. Small drivers will appreciate. Installed on this soft seat, with a better fit than before, we discover a new inner form of apron, with structure apparent of the steering column and a new glove box. Here, too, everything is made in steel.

But the most gratifying lies at the level of the handlebar that installed the new instrumentation. The forms are bolder and better visibility in the presence of a meter speed (black background) needle in the upper part and a paved LCD learning about fuel level, partial distances (2), total mileage and time, in the lower part. The control buttons are now integrated into ‘bracelets’ at the chrome finish.

Left side, refers to the element that was used to the shift of the classic Vespa, it exposes a new flashing button (little ergonomic!), another for the buzzer and a last one for the implementation according to road and headlights appeal fires. On the right, between buttons (red) fuse and booked at startup, lies a new command Mode to scroll the information on the numeric keypad.

 Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

Blow of kidneys!

Suddenly light of kidneys, the beautiful Vespa Primavera descends from its single Center stand with flexibility (the lateral is optional). His mechanical shakes discreetly, thing which we appreciate already during the test the Vespa LX 125  ie 3V 2012 and the Vespa 946 2013 models equipped with the same engine. Upgrading in action of the last propeller 125 cc 3 cylinder head valves group Piaggio is good.

And as the weight of the Vespa Primavera is content, startup, strong and smoothly, are compelling. No vibration just taint our rolling Vespa rose that side. Revving more linear Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V no surprise novices item. Performance in urban areas, its times are convincing to the sixty km / h meter.

Beyond that, without being able to announce its maximum speed (our test framework do not allowed us to measure), this beautiful machine seems slightly exceed 100 km/h meter, but it has to recognize that it lacks a bit of velocity to achieve. Anyway, small Vespa, such this Vespa Primavera 125, is appreciating point for this. To join the long beaches of the Catalan capital Barcelona heights, they are ideally cut across the city, not to work around.

 Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

Less ‘bone-shaker’

On the dynamic map the Vespa Primavera is more interesting than late the LX. Thanks to its reinforced chassis, the adoption of a larger wheel at the rear (11 inches to 10 on the LX), its wheelbase revised slightly upward and the right Monte pneumatic our testing (Michelin City Grip) machines, we always find him as much skill, but a better maintenance of cap. It turns out less swirling and enjoys more convincing handling.

Comfort improves also! The saddle participated, but we have to recognize that on this point have changes to suspensions which have transformed. On often hilly Barcelona bitumen, the Vespa Primavera is actually less ‘seesaw’ than the previous ‘small body’ of the mythical Italian brand. Its fork also provides more progressively, but his travel is still limited. The braking system is correct.

At the front is easy, but however, we find that it lacks a bit of bite, certainly due to a lack of break-in our test model (50 km to the meter). The back has a tendency to block quickly.

 Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

Balance sheet: Convincing Evolution

Always also vintage because of its timeless look, the modern Vespa represented by this Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V model 2014 impressed us by its new qualities. More beautiful of course, aim especially more stable, comfortable and functional, thanks to His trunk that can Accommodate a jet with long visor, see a full small smooth-capped. The access to this area is also facilitated by a pressure on a button placed in her apron.

 Test Vespa Primavera 125 ie 3V 2014

It is perfect for surveying the city with elegance, satisfy the shopping sessions. Tran generational model (also available in 50 cc 2T and 4t), unisex, it addresses at the same rate that the old LX 125 ie 3V, $ 3,799. The price of a Taiwanese GT scooter, Yes, but its robust manufacturing steel sheet is unique and impressive finish. A good beautiful object!

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