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Triumph Bonneville Venom Replica Metal Gear Solid V

The Ducati Scrambler is what has made difficult the other competitors for the retro bike more ‘trendy’, but at least Triumph marketers are trying to compete with the Italian bike with things like Triumph Bonneville Venom. It is a Bonneville T100 (try Triumph Bonneville T100) personally to be the official bike of the video game Metal Gear Solid V:

Triumph Bonneville Venom replica Metal Gear… by

The Phantom Pain. He has performed at the London MCM Comic Con and may have a limited edition production. The bike is a clear tribute to the character of Snake saga of Hideo Kojima and Konami, with logos ‘Diamond Dogs’ everywhere, the group of mercenaries led by Big Boss in the 80s that gives context to the game in question. Hence the use of this retro bike with small military reasons.Triumph Bonneville Venom Metal Gear Solid V

The cylinder heads, fists and brake calipers are in red, while the insulating lining and custom exhaust manifolds. Konami and Triumph motorcycle brand unveiled the fruit of their collaboration: the Triumph Bonneville VTB.1 Venom. Motorcycle Champion simply, quiet. According to Triumph, the bike you can see in the image gallery is the only copy as mentioned in our colleagues MetalGearInformer.

Initially hidden under a cardboard Diamond Dogs as shown in these images, the bike was then revealed. It has also some peculiarities as one of handlebars having the same color as the Big Boss of arms and other parts of the motorcycle. Note also the logos “DD” present on a piece of the vehicle and bags.

It must still admit that the bike is really very attractive and really makes you want to ride and play as Snake at the end of the video from GDC 2013.

The front in yellow, the deposit simile carbon fiber, neoprene seat, roof rack at the back and matching ammunition saddlebags lighthouse are other details to a unit that has no mirrors or dashboard by that be a prototype. What is not deprived TKC80 Continental tires off-road use, a little incongruous seen the exhaust system chosen for configuration.
In any case a lot of publicity for Triumph among a younger group of potential buyers.

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