Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015

The Suzuki GSX-S 1000 is the new offering from Suzuki Corp. in the wholesale sports roadster market. A response that was made to wait several years, and its path Kawasaki Z1000, designated her rival in terms of philosophy placement price. False binoculars, these two Japanese recipes identified wasabi?

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015
Suzuki took a while before returning to coal after the crisis of 2009. The news became scarce and the builder – known as the “accounting” of the four Great – preferred to direct its efforts to other more promising sectors. Including automotive in India and small utilities displacement in emerging markets.
But the West finally returned in the odor of sanctity on the side of Hamamatsu and we witnessed the return of the Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom, before discovering – finally! – A GSX-S 1000 long awaited by both the network by customers.
Using the mechanical base of over yet proven GSX-R 1000 2005 Suzuki GSX-S 1000 is positioned as a more classic sports roadster: no technical solution peak and a line inevitably evoking the Honda CB1000R. Suddenly, the Kawasaki Z1000, rebuilt in 2014 and sold at the same price, assumes the role of direct rival.

Manga or classic?

The look is indisputably part of the buying criteria of a sports roadster. Just look at the number of comments that can be generated on the forums as a secondary aspect that the design of an exhaust for realizing it.
Kawasaki side, the Z1000 takes a distinctive look manga, as Sugomi say Greens. We like it or not, but at least the Kawasaki Z1000 can not be confused with any other: it has a mouth. Besides, its finish is impeccable, and the details are treated (saddle, mirrors, front master cylinder jar).
At Suzuki, risk taking has been much more limited and this is probably why the reviews were quite scathing the launch of the GSX-S, mocking a lack of boldness while Suzuki was able to shake up sometimes codes, as with the Hayabusa. However, Suzuki presents very well, with a line of beautifully enhancement and finishing a commendable effort tank fat bar handlebars, triple clamp, swing arm.

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 Lighter than it Looks

Template side, the Suzuki GSX-S 1000 imposes more than the Kawasaki Z1000. Yet it is lighter: 209 kg against 221 kg fully fueled checked. Its more generous dimensions offer greater roominess and superior comfort: saddle softer, more space to step back, legs bent less.
Finally, there is further placed on the fact that Suzuki then more body with Kawasaki Z 1000. Far from being radical, it fishing we always by a firm seat, a reduced distance saddle-footrest which requires folding legs … Z!
Contact: we discover the strong point of these bikes, they sound! The lover of big four-cylinder sports, tunes have to delight! Rocky and metallic sound for Suzuki, Kawasaki dull hum to the warbling worth plumages.
First, slap more in Kawasaki, but the two teams shine precision, with reduced travel. Three low-speed maneuvers sufficient to establish the superior handling of the Suzuki GSX-S 1000. His best turning radius is then more easily exploitable. But Kawasaki biding his time.

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015

Accreditation against sportsmanship

The native Akashi immediately catches up with his suave engine that will conspicuously approval throughout our comparative. With 1,043 cm3 and short gear ratios, the engine is the most flexible in use, but also the most enjoyable in normal use or on rolled rhythms.
The response to the throttle is still soft, smooth, smoothly, unlike the Suzuki here confirming the defect found during its press launch. A real downside in terms of approval or daily quiet ride even if, by dint of riding on the Suzuki, you end up doing it.
But as soon as we hit the Kawasaki, how we understand, the block of the Z1000 is nice. Not as fat as a block ZRX, but in the idea, we approach it. And finally, its vibrations are not so annoying: nothing to do with those of the first generation.
However, side performance, the Suzuki GSX-S 1000 is in front again as acceleration. Certainly, our credit motorcycle seems to have been clamped on a Friday afternoon 133 horsepower at the crankshaft, but our Kawasaki was pretty generous too.
Nevertheless, the bench and on the road, the Suzuki GSX-S 1000 unveils sportier engine frankly more lively acceleration and tougher times at 6 500 r / min masking a slight hollow at 5 000 r / min.
And lengthens side, there is no picture: the GSX-S more pulls on the arm. On board, the genes of the GSX-R are clearly palpable to upshift. Just missing the shifter Mr. Suzuki …

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015

The Z Heckling You

Here we are on our favorite county theater of relentless testing for part-cycles. For once, our two bikes are equipped with the same mounts of origin: Dunlop D214, including very wide 190 / 50-17 rear that provide sufficient security in the absence of exacerbating the dynamic qualities of motorcycles. Replacing them will not cause you a big loss.
Kawasaki unveils here his usual character: restraint that seems to come from the rear at the outbreak of the turn and tilt the angle no accelerated the footrest approach towards the ground. At first this character request of the arms and thighs, then it can be done, to find a sufficiently rigid bike, but too firm suspensions.
They copy all the inequalities of the road and affect dryly throughout the bike. Result, the Z heckling you over the bumps. Too bad, because its ergonomics suitable for sporty driving. Suzuki has more consistency and also a more sporting behavior.
First, it is more agile in the sinuous and its nose gear up better. Secondly, it is more rigid, in the good sense, allowing bets on the angle more while a block. Then add better damping on uneven roads and a Brembo brake more powerful and measurable enough.
Indeed, while being more comfortable over bumps, the Suzuki GSX-S 1000 is more swift in the well coated sinuous. Too bad his rear tire generates a fairly pronounced effect culbuto wearing off flat, as the overall behavior reveals a real quality in the development.

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015
The GSX-S has a well-tuned chassis: incisive in triggering the turn, agile but very stable on the corner, never vicious in its reactions. Sign of a smoothly conducted development.

The Daily Points!

According to our comparison between round trips to the measurements, the photo shoot, the test running, each time, the Suzuki has scrounged points. A blow, stability will prove best, a sudden acceleration amaze us. Or intuitive adjustment of its traction control, otherwise perfectly calibrated.

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015
The reception of the passenger is also “less worse” than the Kawasaki, which offers a way passenger seat breadboard. In short, we must see in the Suzuki GSX-S 1000 motorcycle pretty well born, with dynamic qualities quite respectable. Certainly there this unpleasant jolt at times, but Yamaha has had the same concern on raw MT-09. Then the manufacturer to tuning forks made some adjustments.
And we already see that the new Suzuki GSX-S 1000 will prove more brilliant during the concession tests, surprising perhaps more a nobody by its very high performance. Bodes well for the arrival in July, the S 1000 GSX-F, which looks sparkling with its positioning faired sports roadster, intercalated between the GSX-S 1000 and the GSX-R 1000 in the Suzuki range.

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 vs Kawasaki Z1000 Comparison 2015

Result of Comparison with Conclusion: on points for the GSX-S

Suzuki, without betting on a strong design and remarkable technical features, has not missed the development of its new sports roadster. The Suzuki GSX-S 1000 is born, uniform and always effective. Its engine is not left out, with a very strong sporting character.
In fact, it is binding on points against Kawasaki Z1000 keeps to her mouth a separate, high-performance mechanical and full of pleasure. Sold both, € 11,999 and € 12,499 with ABS, they can not be separated by their tariff. Still this niche, competing are numerous and sometimes more like a singular Yamaha MT-09 ABS € 8,499 or more efficient as the BMW S1000R from € 13,250.

Comparison Study: Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS  Vs  Kawasaki Z1000 ABS

Comparative’s Suzuki GSX-S 1000 Kawasaki Z1000
Engine approval Very Good Excellent
Engine performances Excellent Very Good
Chassis Directional stability Excellent Very Good
agility Very Good Good
Braking Excellent Very Good
Life on board ergonomics Excellent Very Good
Hight saddle Very Good Good
Comfortably Good Very Good
Duo Good Normal So So
manufacturing Very Good Excellent
Equipment Very Good Good
Price Same Same
Comparison Points 50/60 43/60


Positive Points in Kawasaki Z 1000 ABS Negative Points in Kawasaki Z 1000 ABS
It is jaws apart suspension too firm
finishing limited duo
engine certification resistance to the setting angle
handling in good coating turning radius
limited electronic transport antitheft


Positive Points in Suzuki GSX-S 1000 S ABS Negative Points in Suzuki GSX-S 1000 S ABS
Roominess Little bold line
Sportier engine Jerks at low and midrange
Compromise agility / stability Transport antitheft
More gear


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