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MotoGP France Drivers reactions to interviews

At the French Grand Prix at the hub of Jorge Lorenzo on 2 victory raised some interesting thoughts. The most important statements of the pilots at the end of the Grand Prix de France, scene of the second consecutive victory for Jorge Lorenzo on the Bugatti.

MotoGP France Drivers reactions to interviews

Jorge Lorenzo:

“Before the race I was worried about the right side of the front tire a bit, because the front was in some corners Close Sometimes it is more complicated on Sunday, when it’s hot, we have more fuel in the tank and press more. when braking. On the third or fourth round, tended the front to close, I began to worry, but the tire remained more or less stable. It was true, but the situation has not deteriorated. I grabbed all the time and I slowed to manage fuel. This time we were lucky. I know that other drivers had problems forward. It was important, Marc (Márquez) and (Andrea) Dovizioso overtake from. That’s how I like to run because no one before, I can brake perfectly, keeping my speed crossing curve and try to widen the gap, what is happening in the end. It was difficult because Andrea has less than a second for a while there were, but I finally do. Then I saw that Valentino was second and it was in places. I had to push a little more, especially when braking, but I could slowly growing end and turn in 1’33.004, which me the advantage that I needed to win this race. Win had finished two races in a row in sharp contrast to the first three Grands Prix I outside the podium. These are much better, but we need to keep our feet on the ground and do not hesitate, because things change very quickly. Mugello is a good track for Yamaha, and especially for me, because it’s not favorite track, but Valentino is also very fast there. Who knows what will happen there? ”

Valentino Rossi:

“I’m satisfied because we had struggled to find the right set-up during the tests we decided to take risks and to change the bike before the race I thank my team because my bike was fantastic today, I was able to attack and double back, but also a lot of fun. I was in the third row and Jorge (Lorenzo) is still very fast at the start. I was a bit late but I enjoyed the race because I was able to overtake, and to give me thoroughly. In the middle of the race in second place behind Jorge I came. He was two seconds before and so I was not that far PPAS. I gave everything because I felt good, but it was in a perfect situation. It’s very hard to get close to him when he’s like that. This weekend we stronger than he was, it was better prepared for the race and he has deserved to win, but I’m happy, especially for Yamaha because our bike is very good this year. These twenty points, the championship is very important. We were slow to come back, but we did and it was another great race. We were struggling in practice and I think it is a bit our bike because Jorge had problems, even if it is always ready to make a quick turn. This is our weakness, but on the other hand our bike is fantastic race. She is very balanced, it can attack each round and that’s important. I’ll be at Mugello in great shape and I am very happy. The problem is, it is also the favorite route of Lorenzo! Today we had a great result for the team, Yamaha twice, and hope that we can reverse the order in Mugello! ”

Andrea Dovizioso:

“I’m happy because it is always important to get on the podium today and we have once again that we are competitive confirmation The conditions were good, but I could not keep up with Lorenzo after halfway The tire unfortunately .. lost grip and I could not be as effective as in the first part of the race. I thought I was fast enough to fight for victory was, but it was not possible. This confirms that we even do not have a bite and, we be satisfied with this podium, we must continue to work hard and to make further improvements to the GP15. ”

Marc Marquez:

“Today the temperatures were much higher, we did not have in such conditions this weekend in the fourth round, I started having a lot of problems with the front end driven I think all Honda had the same problem and a lot of drivers rushed to lose grip. We knew the conditions were going to change with higher temperatures, but we expect it to get better, and it’s the opposite. We must learn from this race, especially data stored in our system . ”

Bradley Smith:

“I’m happy and it was a nice way to finish the weekend at home for Monster Yamaha Tech3 The track was hot for the race so we were a bit into the unknown, because the conditions were colder in recent days Our !. Set-up was limited a bit early in the race, but we ended up fighting with the MotoGP World Championship title and other official works driver, I am very happy, especially when I finished first pilot satellite. We also have the world championship points in the Compare Cal (Crutchlow) our goals we scored. It would have been better to fourth but I thought Marc and Andrea were going so I met kept my distance just in case! It was helpful to see her fight, I’ve learned a lot and I can use this knowledge in the next races. ”

Loris Baz :

“My start was not perfect, but I made it, an excellent first round where I won make nine or ten seats, I found myself next to the border with Maverick Vinales and Nicky Hayden to follow because I have not, and I made a. small hand to hold my position and not make the same mistake in Jerez, during fall. The distance to make sure was a little difficult. The rear of the bike was lifted and we might have had to compensate on the front, because I lost a little before, so I was on the limit. on my “+ 0.5” panel I saw during the race. When I saw “+ 0” I managed to speed up a little and dig a distance of 0.5 to 1 second, 1.5, 2 seconds, and when I saw “2.5” I have a little hand. It was really great because I managed the whole race at a pace better than my fastest lap of the day. The progress has been made to do and that is positive. I hope that we will go well in this direction to Mugello, where it should be for us, with the exception of the straight line further is a bit long. I wish that we will continue on this path, because it was really great, my best result to do at the Grand Prix of France. ”

Fabio Quartararo:

“I have had a good start, but it was still not so bad I thought I was in the leading group and I had to cover a fast pace over the distance I I could suffered a lot on the line, because I do not overtake the driver in front of me. At the end, and I fell a few laps in the same corner as my teammates. I am with the work that we were happy all weekend, but we will try to do better for the next race.

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