Yamaha Tenere 250 Blueflex 2016 World’s Best Motorcycle

Keep the 250 comes with technology Blueflex in your model 2016 and to use of ethanol as fuel, which complements the gasoline is not new in South American countries like Brazil. It is more common in cars that motion, but models are coming gradually as the Yamaha Tenere 250 Blueflex 2016. The main new feature of this trail is modest Blueflex the introduction of technology, which combines petrol and ethanol in any proportion always keep necessary revisions. Its price is 15,015 Brazilian reais, about 4,300 Euros to change.

2016 Yamaha Tenere 250 Blueflex Motorcycles

Moreover, it is still the same bike. Although introducing changes in the back to mount the side cases or trunks larger with which long journeys. Handles are also new for aluminum passenger, digital instrumentation with additional information such as the ECO mode, LED lighting tail light and turn signal. And the color palette adds photo metallic brown.
249 cc single-cylinder engine pays 20.7 hp at 8,000 r / min, two tenths more in the case of being powered by ethanol. The pair is 21 nm to 6,500 rpm, even a few tenths higher if ethanol is used. It features 21 and 18 inches wheels on each axle Metzeler tires TOURANCE, 16 liter tank, large windshield, disc brakes on both axles, front suspension with 220 mm of travel and a rear adjustable preload. Model interesting but far from European standards.
With this, the model can now be powered by gasoline, ethanol or a mixture of both fuels in any proportion. Another new feature is the back of the Tenere Blueflex 250, which won new trunk with capacity of more than 4.7 kg 7.0 kg (including the trunk) and side grip ergonomic handles, aluminum, new protector LED flashlight and losses in matt black.

The new design of the key and the introduction of all-digital panel with white LED lighting, inspired by the set that team the Super Tenere 1200, brings yet another innovation: ECO indicator that lights up when the engine is operated in the range of rotation greater efficiency, which indicates a more economical driving.
September still carries information such as speedometer and hodômetros Full-featured, two (TRIP 1 and TRIP 2) and “Fuel Trip” (fuel), clock and tachometer, as well as signal lights (flashing lights glaring, insane, and engine warning Blueflex ).
On the other hand, Save characteristics of motion which launched in the segment of 250 cubic centimeters.

Among them, the seat of ergonomic shape, the dual headlights model depicting the Super Tenere 1200, the windshield, which protects the driver and the tank cover with practical style airplane and the capacity of 16 liters, being reserves 4.8.

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