Victory will participate in the Isle of Man TT Zero 2015

Since Polaris buy Brammo electric bikes fans still waiting to get an electric bike that competes with the Livewire Harley-Davidson through Victory. At the moment already know that they will have an excellent Bank of tests with the electric Victory going to compete in the Isle of Man TT Zero 2015. In addition they will make possible more serious way, since they have the services of two pilots from the likes of William Dunlop and Lee Johnston for the occasion.Victory will participate in the Isle of Man TT Zero 2015

In addition to a very attractive design development since the work by Brammo has followed in all this time, with a Parker GVM Internal Permanent Magnet motor, yielding about 150 Horsepower and 220 Nm of torque with a new pair and lodging of the lithium-ion battery management to reduce vibrations. The battery is 20% more capable, so it ensures more power over the 60 kilometers that will have to roll the bike to stop. Also enjoy a new aerodynamic pack to the fairing, reinforcements in tubes of the chassis, lighter carbon fiber seat, OZ Racing magnesium equally light or more tires Dunlop competition tires.Victory will participate in the Isle of Man TT Zero 2015

More competition for the new Mugen Shinden Yon of John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey. Now only see one of these as promising electric bikes go to production with characteristics and reasonable prices.

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