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BMW W3 Arrival as a Customer Motorbike

Since the failure of the R 1200 C, BMW had disappeared from the customs sector. Today, all indicators show that the German car-maker is determined to make a comeback in this category. With rather original ideas.

BMW W3 Arrival as a Customer Motorbike

Press detail: Since discontinuation of commercialization of the R 1200 C in 2004, BMW has more of this model on the segment of the custom. However, the success of R nineT, the wave of the vintage and the good commercial health of Harley-Davidson are all indicators that grow BMW to reflect actively on his return to the custom. As in recent years, the German manufacturer is present on new terrain. After joining the sector sports, scooter and soon the average displacements, it is only logical that BMW is present in the field of the custom.

From our German colleagues of Motorrad, it is however very little probable that the mark be imitating in this matter and develops an umpteenth OHV V characteristic of the category. Therefore, two options are available to BMW. Develop a new custom on the basis of a flat House. But two pitfalls are faced with this solution. On the one hand, the obligation to use the air of the flat version, which begins to date. On the other hand, it should also develop a machine which is not too competitive R nineT, whose base is the same flat to air. But according to our colleagues, BMW would work on a much more ambitious project: a W3 engine disposed asymmetrically.

BMW W3 Arrival as a Custome

A latest innovation around which future transmission shaft with universal joint and a train before seriously consisting of a double disk brake calipers, brake, and an inverted fork radial. A return to the business of the custom which is also explained by the importance that represents the American market in the eyes of BMW. A market in which the custom is a crucial segment.

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