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BMW R1200RS as Descendant of R Test

Derived roadster The new BMW R1200R R1200RS marks the return of the German manufacturer in a segment that has been abandoned for ten sequence years, the twin sports GT. Newcomer over from the RS line take? You can forget the failure of the R1200ST? After three days and 650 kilometers in all kinds of weather, here is our answer.

BMW R1200RS as Descendant of R Test

For submission to the national press of the new Sport GT, BMW Motorrad France gave us an appointment at their facilities Yvelines. Upon arrival, he certainly beautiful, but the mercury has decided to stay in the cellar, we were happy to try a bike instead of a nimble roadster!

BMW has R1200RS could, on paper, one R1200R adorned with a fork head, the philosophy of German roadster – especially its range – is profoundly changed. So we have come here to try a bike that deserves to be known …

Pretty bourgeois

If tastes and colors do not discuss, the general view of the large dome in R1200R transplantation has well taken, giving a fairly dynamic aspect R1200RS. Even the optional luggage brackets do not break the line also. You almost wonder if it is not R, which is derived from the RS!

Once in the saddle, we find the position of the R1200R, but the look is facing the bubble, manually adjustable in two heights and two positions with tools. And motorcycle parts also come from the BMW Roadster: only the lengthened wheelbase and axle ratio changed differ

.BMW R1200RS as Descendant of R Test


Without changes, the dashboard is too rich limited in the eyes of some. Fortunately your screen can be set to figure all this out and reduce the amount of information provided. Finishing and assembly are blameless and painting is quality.

As a rule, the R1200RS Keeless comes with the need to start the key, only to take your own bike for the senses and connects the ignition system. Heated grips activated: on the road!

Go dry, tranquil

To reach the small roads Perche, take the motorway, ideal for quickly measure the protection offered by the steering head of R1200RS.

After a few tens of kilometers to accelerate – more or less – regulator, the conclusion is clear: in addition to being beautiful, the appendix is ​​effective. Certainly not as much as the full fairing R1200RT premium, but bust, shoulders, arms and hands are adequately protected.

In the upper position, but low inclination, the bubble crosses the airflow directly into the top of the helmet. Once the rubbing alcohol, protection becomes convincing. Too bad the wind noise in life, eventually tire the driver.

As for the lower body, the thighs and shins flat twin-savings. Only ankles and feet are exposed. A walk in the rain the next day confirmed the first impressions: better to use waterproof boots to face the showers!

Mr. Dr. Roadster and GT

Check out our playground, the tourist tends road curves becomes swallowing machine. All curves. For sports GT, there are sports and when you start playing with R1200RS cycle, the relationship with the nimble roadster is evident, despite a prior weighed 5 kg.

The bike tour with ease and low center of gravity allows fast maneuvers without inertia. Despite the absence of the Telelever, the R1200RS virtually stable in all circumstances. There are only a few specific phases arising from the difference.

Therefore, taking a strong brake on the angle generates movements and the motorcycle starts to rotate about its pivot point. However, it remains healthy and RS stabilizes quickly.

BMW R1200RS as Descendant of R Test

Regarding the brakes precisely efficiency is also the quotation. Brembo radial calipers gripping discs without the brutality with a bite and a significant power.

Moreover, as my apartment is R1200RS Metzeler Roadtec Z8 high performance (one of his two original mountains) set of abs will not trigger excessive and allows the holder to work. A good point.

Magic Carpet … Athlete

Equipped with the optional ESA suspension, my saddle the day offers two driving modes, yes inflected solo and duo. Road mode is offered the convenience: Ideal highway and road gradient. It remains firm for my liking despite depreciation quality.

Next to the engine management mode of the same name, so cures all dynamic and allows a much sportier driving. And well coated sequences curves, we were a sacred tool in the hands. Rests in my opinion lacks a comfort mode, offering a little softer.

The motor, in all identical to the aspects R1200R is operating as required. Flexible, available torque and good length, is an ally of the moment.

Their temperament varies depending on the driving mode selected, but always answers present. In rain, it is unobtrusive, while dynamic, rejoices. Between the two, the highway mode will enjoy comfortable, but never boring tourism.

Present in the test model, the Pro Shifter is a pleasure to stack the reports without downtime sporting moments. It also has a scrolling function down, allowing the downshift lever left untouched. As athletic S1000RR house.

BMW R1200RS as Descendant of R Test

However, it is in dynamic mode that shows the most effective and discreet. On the Road mode, there are more recalcitrant: better to be fully charged under penalty gearbox feel disapproves the treatment …

German Swiss Army Knife

Cruise control activated kilometers parade and now the night: the opportunity to test the efficiency of the optical drive. Despite a sufficiently wide beam, low beam lack of power and draws a too narrow footprint.

An adjustment problem? Perhaps, but in the meantime a small passage in broad daylight is needed to correctly anticipate the end of the curve where I am. Fortunately it is effective and the lights.

Back to the capital after hours in the saddle, you do not feel fatigue: the saddle thick and well drawn probably not unrelated.

In the pump consumption announced by onboard computer it is almost equal to the release of measurement: 6 l / 100 km on average. For a machine of this caliber, showing only 1100 kilometers on the clock and he saw that the pace set during this test, the BMW is fairly inexpensive R1200RS.

BMW R1200RS as Descendant of R Test

Test Conclusion: Seems that the RS is back

The new BMW R1200RS is certainly a success. But mostly, she just fill the ranks of a sports GT class virtually moribund.

At first glance most tourist sports driving position ergonomics and security becomes a formidable swallower laps in time, claiming his athletic ability and ease of use in all very pleasant circumstances. All in one convenience to make that cross the country without being exhausted.

Its engine, always powerful and full accreditation kilometers smoothly moves. Still details to polish noisy bubble, the average lighting and € 14,105 base price, but has so often quick to fly when tapped in the catalog of options ..

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