Discover More 2015 Winner Luis Castilla with Harley-Davidson

Luis Castilla must be of the happy kind at the moment where we write these few lines. The young man is the lucky winner of the Discover More 2015 edition launched by Harley-Davidson!

Discover More 2015  Harley-Davidson with  Luis Castilla

Last February, we presented you the job. A job’s dream for many riders. To put it simply, imagine yourself being hired in CDD for two months by Harley-Davidson to browse at length, in wide and across European routes. Icing on the cake, a Street Glide Special is provided to you, all fees are paid and you will receive the tidy sum of €25 000 to roll and to share your experience and your meetings at all.

For the 2015 edition, it is the French Luis Castilla, who chose among 10 000 candidates in provenance from 27 countries.

According to him, “I’m absolutely thrilled by the opportunity offered to me by Harley-Davidson, which will no doubt be the most amazing experience of my life. As a biker and passionate traveller, Discover More 2015 represents everything I am looking for. Live an adventure unique to the handlebars of a Harley-Davidson across Europe, listen to the story of the people we met and ride on their territory will be an exceptional event, a considerable amount of emotions. I want to share my experience with the world so that he discovered how my trip is special!”

Discover More 2015  Harley-Davidson with  Luis Castilla

Beginning of the adventure in may 2015 to Luis who will be accompanied by a film crew in order to disseminate this wonderful adventure on social networks and on the website of greatestrides. We can only wish him good road for this adventure that looks great!

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