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MotoGP Poll Marc Márquez Down in Argentina?

War broke expected long ago in Argentina MotoGP. Valentino Rossi was left unscathed last duel in hand with the ever aggressive Marc Márquez EVEN Reigning sold face skin. So much so, that ended in tatters after a double contact with the Italian Yamaha.

MotoGP Poll Marc Márquez Down in Argentina?
Today is a day of surf and keys analyze the maneuver, BUT vocational guidance made it clear that it remains in the career of a spear more Investigating After she briefly. Rossi had the Pan by the handle this time with an additional rear cooler hard attracts more stable, so your bike, and Mark ALTHOUGH was prepared for advance awareness is not that like being a prisoner They once caught. Played 93 is all or nothing to defend the position, something went wrong is this occasion.

Some claim Valentino Rossi who rose early the bike to power the second contact with Marquez, although others believe Rossi who had already won the position of the brand and would have to cut a little to avoid contact with the qui tire eventually led to He soil. And it might be the two perfectly.
Speaking clear days Rossi When talking error Márquez, while the Spanish With Some Rossi said that irony is concerning conflicts and always learning things from him. Everyone who interpret it as you wish. The light is that which has the advantage Claimed couple Rossi after the first three races of the year Jerez race is exciting.
Poll: Who is to blame for the fall of Marc Marquez in Argentina 2015?

we are going to left a Q. for you!!!

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