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Kawasaki SRC #11 On Provisional Pole in 24 h Motorcycles Q1 2015

For this first session of qualifying, is the Kawasaki ZX-10R (Leblanc-Lagrive-forest), which captured the fastest (1:37.220) average and before the Yamaha R1 #7 of YART (Neukirchner-Silva-Morais) & the Official Honda #111 as Da Costa-Gimbert-Foray.

Kawasaki SRC #11 On Provisional Pole in 24 h Motorcycles Q1 2015

For the Thursday afternoon qualifying session, the Sun returned to the Bugatti. The opportunity for Fabien forest shine the #11 of the team Kawasaki CBC. With a chrono impressive and notable under 1:37 (1:36.9) the young retirement World Superbike did not detail! To this add the clock of Matthieu Lagrive 1:37.1 and with the intention of Gregory Leblanc (1:37.6) you will understand that the official machine managed by Gilles Staffler is not there to make up the numbers.

On the provisional grid these 38th 24 h Le Mans motorcycles are in second place and 6 tenths of the SRC the Yamaha R1 #7 of YART, driven by the trio Neukirchner-Silva-Morais. The Austrian team shows as well as the new R1 is officially well born. Now remains to confirm its good mechanical health when the two clock towers so as to await for him. However, Third place is for the on instant moment the substance matter of official Honda #111. For its second year of presence, the CBR 1000 RR driven by Da Costa-Gimbert-Foray offers a chrono significantly above 1:38, 8 tenths of machine head.

The fourth place is held by the #30 Suzuki of serves before the BMW official #13 and ZX-10R the QERT, first machine of the Superstock category. Note also the 9th place of the champion machine of the world 2014, Yamaha R1 of the GMT94.

Concerning Open with reference to the found the Metiss #45 top 28ieme to the general before the Ducati Panigale Leek Racing Team LVM (47ieme to the general) and the famous GECO Team Slider Endurance #119 (50ieme to the general).

A second qualifying session scheduled tomorrow, at 1120 hours, will allow the teams work a bit more on the settings, but also refine the refuelling. Now remains to be seen if the weather will hold. Rain expected on the Bugatti in the day tomorrow.

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