Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Italian Travel Test

After its launch in 2010, the Ducati Multistrada 1200 is positioned as the maxi-trail athletic more market and claimed it. Far from renouncing their origins, the 2015 version has a slight twist to promote their tourist skills. Thanks to a new engine and a package of advanced electronics. The beast is more wise and so civilized provided ROAR without cessation. By Maxime Pontreau.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Italian Travel Test
Upon landing on the market in 2010, the Ducati Multistrada 1200 claimed to start t

concept of 4 in 1 l. The principle was simple enough. There were four different motorcycles able to four different applications on a machine. A concept, it must be said, more driven by marketing services of the mark by the machine itself, so full of quality.
Her elegant dress and their high rate already had to discourage the more adventurous who borrow the roads on Earth. And then the brutal Testastretta 11 ° twin was not the most versatile in urban areas. Not to mention accessibility Italian comfort and Chair, a little Spartan. A last detail through the transition to the whims of the evil of course long trips your beloved gluteal.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Italian Travel Test

So his. Sporting side, had done nothing to complain. Ducati had once again invented a pump! Is it not, when you have the recipe and the experience, the Mets are still exquisite… But apart from the engine, the concept “4 in 1” lost its relevance.
However, was all that before because the Multistrada 1200 raw 2015 put water in its chianti. This is at the expense of the sport this time, but for the merits of the concept. It is not, therefore, surely coincidence if everything Multistrada 1200 S of this presentation were equipped with the Touring package.
Could we trying to subtly tell us something? Entry, it is clear that Ducati has lost none of his punch of a pen. And this is not only due to the bright sun of Lanzarote (Spain). If the general line remains faithful to the previous version, the new Multistrada 1200 S shows more sculpted. Its elegant and rounded forms, emerges in the details to the manly muscles. When the loop is evolving more timidly, Italian leads the accumulation in the front, as a sign of maturity. More than one temperamental attribute, is also the guarantee of better protection for the driver. Not many, no doubt, the Ducati is widened to four centimeters.

The nose of the Multistrada is concerning him stronger, while the enlarged air intakes increase the dynamism of the beautiful. An effect that is continuity and a vanishing point in adjustable balloon with one hand. Culmination of the holder of the Crown, fires happent look. Both slight contour powerful and fluid by the depth of the Leds. In terms of technological advances, but that should also be noted that the Multistrada 1200 S itself with the lighting of lobbies once in the corner. A gain of brightness received with pleasure and possible thanks to the new inertial Bosch. But we will come back to that a little later. There must be a first time install the maxi-trail ride. Takes note that it has made an effort in the field of accessibility.

The Multistrada was slightly refined in the legs. Just like the Chair, which is now adjustable in two heights. The result is a facility to put both feet on the ground of the most significant for the small templates. The driving position does not change one iota. Natural, won in comfort thanks to a softer seat. It feels so immediately more inclined to make long trips. The handlebar controls have also evolved. Simplified, allowing a more intuitive navigation in many Italian places. However, through a new range of edge TFT – color – seductive, including reading is compromised by the amount of information displayed. Finally, to greet the practicality due to the backlight of the handlebar control Kit. Finally, excessive handling at night and in the head the night captures.

This option must also equip any private property relating to the road. As soon as the first rounds of wheels, an impression of ease emanates from the Multistrada. As expected, the House is nice, while the lower part of the body is protected better than ever. Playing under the spell of the raucous and energetic noise of the L-Twin, we immediately enjoyed the new and single-engine with variable valve timing of the track.

This famous Exchange DVT offers to optimize the torque at low regime. The idea was not to reduce the power – Ducati wins 10 CH-, but to make it more usable. Therefore, the Multistrada shows more civilized. The linearity and flexibility seems to be the motto of this new mechanism, moving, almost as raw animal sensations issued by twin Testastretta 11 °. Double DVT accepts drag in a network of gas 2 000 rpm without problems, and then everything goes in crescendo. From 3 000 rpm, block responds with more life to the rotations of the accelerator.

From 4 500 rpm, power takes up their rights. Acceleration you pulling on the arm. The front wheel is more blurred. Logic: the wheel is reach the stratosphere! But electronic AIDS, traction control and anti-wheelie, channel that passion without one feels its intervention. Is disconnecting all systems, then, that we understand its usefulness. We are above the 7 000 rpm. Vibrant then ripples through the handlebars. But the twin has not finished with its power curve.

You can thus happily give a ladle. And all that is going on in a linearity copy, under the impulse of a Ride by Wire perfectly calibrated. Then, of course, the character shows the Multistrada here is watered down. Not much need for aggression and does not default to the Ducati tradition.

On the other hand, the approval is won and is more accommodating in the city and fashion tourism. However, it was regrettable that behavioral differences must not discriminate between Touring and Sport engine maps. Dynamic, the Multistrada is not far behind and cumulative qualities. Incisive placement angle, also shows rigorous time inclined to the chain of beautiful trails in the winding. In the event that the driver be allowed to force a few additional degrees.

The Ducati accept without flinching. It is a part of the pleasure. A slight pressure on the large handlebar and change of direction occurs while that stability. In addition, thanks to the inertia all electronics – ABS with traction control, semi-active suspensions through Skyhook EVO takes into account the inclination of the Multistrada in its calculations and actions.Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Italian Travel Test

The Italian appears to have won in agility. A finding that goes hand in hand with the adoption of the new Pirelli Scorpion Trail II the more rounded profile Scorpion Trail, name stack. “Last, but not least, the braking system is a credit to the penchant for novelty sport.” Team version S of 330 mm discs and floating calipers radial four-piston Brembo M50 monobloc. Biting, efficiency and tariff escalation are the appointment. A little on the image of the new Multistrada 1200 S

Conclusion of the test:

The new Multistrada is a matter of concessions. And the roles are reversed. If above commitment came from the pilot, who now is the machine that soften his game. The new engine of DVT is more flexible and allows everyone a better exploitation. On the other hand, many changes improve the comfort and pleasure of the Italian track. But far from being an admission of weakness, this development marks an increase in maturity. The Multistrada lends itself more than ever in its versatility in design.


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