Yamaha XV1900A Midnight Star American Cruiser

Yamaha XV1900 has a style like a US road jet that corner the market eyes, line as “neo-streamliner” self-confident presence of alloys, handlebar up and engine visually imposing.

Yamaha XV1900A Midnight Star American Cruiser

The XV1900 dedicates to the victory of form over functionality. For this type of bike, expensive art of engineering in Yamaha, requires each component the beauty, but also maximum functionality. With its engine OHV V, its sophisticated technical components and XV1900A’s harmonious lines offers you the best of knowledge make technological and stylistic Yamaha.

Key Features

  • Electronic fuel injection with dual head
  • Modern style “neo-streamliner.
  • Twin V, four-stroke, four-valve engine
  • Cruiser to the impressive torque
  • Hangers of balancing holding to reduce vibration
  • Long, lightweight aluminum chassis

After Harley and Victory, the Japanese launch in the niche of the bagger. Kawasaki has launched the VN 1700 Voyager Custom Suzuki goes on the offensive with the Suzuki C 1500 T Intruder, Honda inaugurates an excess of cylinders with the F6C, Yamaha is important to this new XVA 1900 Midnight Star CFD…

This template exists for a long time in the United States under the name or know as Star Stratoliner Deluxe Cruise. However, a long letter resultant from the 1900 Midnight Star cruiser. But in actuality, this is not the USA model that crosses the Atlantic Ocean but a Midnight Star equipped with a horde set “bagger”. Yamaha XV1900A Midnight Star American Cruiser

The majestic Yamaha has designed a Tourer lightened with a fork Crown shaped wrapped cape with fixing two side panniers and opening system fast, tagging along the informal dress of this elongated base and his huge twin and deep black picot with chrome including and its colossal twin wins a new clutch assisted slip which reduces the effort to the 20% pogna. Its main role is to digest the too full of the deceleration torque – the 1900 fate still almost 16 mkg.

This clutch and grafting of touring appendages are the only changes from the Midnight Star standard XV1900. So smack on the road with the Yamaha XV1900A Midnight Star is to discover another way to with techniques put into perform motorcycle jet. Okey! consent to yourself be seduced through its charm and attraction. XV custom style that makes the more beautiful part chrome. its custom, affluent in couple, in the acquiesces and the line low imposing not anything on the dynamic map to aesthetics drive with exemplary road behavior and excellent maneuverability from XV1900.

Yamaha XV1900A Midnight Star American Cruiser

Ideal for cruiser with a monstrous muscle under the handle, the 1900 CFD is impressive, his painting glitter of the most beautiful effect, and although irreparably Harley-Davidson-nosed is think pig and its large head fork become wealthy creating its own unique personality. Apure to the maximum of its elevation of front and the back or rear side is less flattering. Plastics and the Assembly does not relieve an impression of high quality. A tiny vacuum-Pocket was dug just below the wind jumps, just enough to accommodate a smartphone and a wallet.

Small personal regret, why not have kept the US designation? Admit Statroliner Deluxe, it relieve frankly more cachet than CFD…

This amazing land cruiser available in the European market at 16 999,00 €.

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