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Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015

Kawasaki holed and authorized to assure testes. The A2 license has prompted manufacturers to propose in France of motorcycles of average displacements so far reserved to Asia or North America. Kawasaki decided to import from us the new Z 300, roadster derived from the Ninja 300 already distributed in US from 2012. With its generous stencil, his look of Z800 and its engine sports, Parisian life is shown more pink than usual.

Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015

The Z300 is available in two colors, grey-black or green-black. But most sporting color that will appeal also to the gentle women wishing to have a machine both fashionable and affordable. That falls well because our roadster of the day has a saddle placed 785 mm from the ground and his weight all full of 168 kg makes it extremely handy. The grip is no ‘easy’ for novices as for the experienced. Besides, for me this small Kawasaki Z 300 can be used to roll over more powerful gear and more tape to the eye, yet the look and this civilized ‘Ninja’ template offers the pilot some pride despite its little identifiable 300 cm3. Finally except at the level of the noise… The Ninja to usually hear “yelling” here manifests a little rewarding sound like on a 125 cm3 for the rest, the Z300 does have to blush before anyone because It is only on downside…

Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015


You will understand, the Z300 sharing the same mechanical and technical basis as the 300 Ninja only difference that one be dressed in a chock-full fairing as the hypersportives of the mark and the other is more urban with straight handlebars and a look that undoubtedly recalls that has held for several years the highest step of the podium of sales of roadsters in France, the Z750 and the Z800. What is certain, is that our “baby Z” is successful aesthetic.

Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015

Its nose fairing resumed the optics of the Z series and its semi-full fairing to generous plastics encompasses much of its small but Beefy twin online. Beefy because if all displays only 39 ch, it is especially accessible to the A2 license. This is leaving so the choice users to move towards two Kasawaki in different styles, the sports with its half-handlebars, her bubble and its full fairing with which it will be possible to consider a few excursions on tracks, or so the roadster that offers a more relaxed position and one more road fairing.

Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015


If the Z300 does not have the voice of the true Ninja report to its sound of 125 cm3, the bike has yet breathtaking because it claims a worthy of the true sporting engine. It’s uncomplicated on speed the red zone starts to 13000 rpm, all what he has before, it is gift and unlike the period of 2-time where the engine reliability risk in venturing in such schemes, here on a four-stroke. The engine of the Z300 is identically synonymous with high-quality reliability because it showed no weakness on, in 2008 first production Ninja 250 cm3. In addition, this engine is developed the basis for more markets such as Asia, so it is obvious that the reliability of this small twin is one of the trademarks of this bike.

Side use, the performance of the 300 cm3 are very reputable. The Ninja 250 cm3 production at the base it was inflated to added gain power and double. After you initiate to start the kick not there just kidding, the bike has an electric starter, the 1st shots of gas are rather reassuring. As with as little power, it is pulled fairly well in junctions, rushed traffic.

Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015

With an engine start live, should not expect starting guns as it could be the case of a v-twin It must be not drop below 4 000 rpm or so you will need to play box to restart the engine in his favorite part: the substantial! And then tops-plans also… It is precisely in this area that the Z300 is the most reactive, both in terms of the times on engine extension that propels the needle far into towers.

AS A 500cc bike

At the time, the young licenses required to form and get a hand on 500cc bikes. Alas, then, some manufacturers have abandoned this displacement for more intermediate machines like the 250 cm3 and developed more opulent motorcycle type 600 or 700 CC available with sometimes too castrating clamping kits. The Z300 is opposite this philosophy since with only 39 HP, Kawasaki has focused on lightweight and easy architecture. Suddenly, today, there is more interest in investing on a 300 cc motorcycle that will have its full power and weight content rather than a 700 cc motorcycle, heavy and crippled its power. The debate is long.

What is much shorter, it is the grip of the Kawasaki. After a few kilometers to its handlebar you take quickly its brands, regardless of the template of the driver.

Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015

Its turning radius and feather weight are an advantage to sneak into town while its agility and its pneumatic Monte in IRC Road Winner facilitates even more maneuverability. When the horizon emerges, it is more handicapped by speed sometimes too just on this type of engine.

Here, one easily reaches the 160 km/h cruising and the 180 km/h peak on tour and in the most winding parts, the Z300 is conspicuous by its good handling that qualify it’s sportier than road. The bike is so precise on the corner, on the other hand, the stiffness of the suspension clearly favor efficiency at the expense of comfort. Finally, it enjoys a correct and dosed braking, but we strongly advise the ABS version available euro 5,199 instead of euro 4,799 base.

Kawasaki Z300 Baby Boom Test 2015

Test Conclusion:

With its Z300, Kawasaki has banked on a seductive look that reminds of course series of the Kawasaki 750 Z and 800. It’s engage in recreation well played because the bike proves to be rewarding and overall finish is correct, in any case more than to the accustomed on this type of displacement where this position is often neglected to reduce costs.

We therefore appreciate the freshness that emerges this small motorcycle face a market of medium-sized cars not always exceptionally provided by means of its architecture of roadster, the Z300 is therefore accessible to all profiles provided you have the A2 license and to love sports engines that operate more in the towers in the torque at low revs. Finally, standard equipment offers a bike light, easy to take in hand and with an efficient part-cycle especially if it starts to attack the angles. In calculations, the Z300 is a fastidious roadster bike to use in the city and outskirts, the relatively mild price and not ridiculous performance at all.

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