Eleven Bikers Died in Accident Easter 2015

Unfortunately follows the rise of deceased motorists on Spanish roads and is the last Holy week have passed a total of 11 riders, a new increase over figures for 2013 and 2014.

News: Eleven Bikers Died in Easter 2015

In addition the percentage compared to the rest of victims is extremely high for the volume of vehicles total motorcycles Park. 31 fatalities there on this Easter, so nearly a third of them were motorcyclists when the motorcycle park represents just 10% of the total.
The DGT says that good weather in 2014 Easter it rained and the influx of more motorcycles on the road is part of the explanation. Also noted traffic is biker type late a middle-aged high-displacement bike man, suggesting that such a is specific group that arouses more risks on the road.

News: Eleven Bikers Died in Easter 2015

Associations continue to ask for more training and specific protection for motorists in the form of guard-rails with SPM system, although we must not ignore the self-critical to avoid certain attitudes on the road. Approximately half of fatal motorcycle accidents has to do for departures from via. What is clear is that you there is to do something to stop this no doubt spike in motorcycle accidents without violating rights that has biker compared to the rest of the via drivers.

It is not worth to let invest in safety and to set more difficult access to motorcycles to lower the numbers of dead.

News Source: masmoto

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