Bajaj Motorcycle March Sales 22% Decline

Bajaj Auto reported on Monday that a 22 percent drop of Bajaj motorcycle sales to 2,09,937 units in March 2015 compared to 2,70,578 units from the same previous month of March in 2014.

Bajaj Motorcycle March Sales 22% Decline

Bajaj Auto exports declined 16 percent in the month to 98 703 units from 1,18,183 units in the same period it a year ago, the principal of two-wheelers said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). In the category of commercial vehicles, sales of Bajaj Auto during the month of March is established at 40, 667 entities, up percentage of 21 compared to 33, 739 entities in March 2014.

The sales of Bajaj vehicles in total last month the social order is totaled 2,50,604 entities, down 18 percent to 3, 04 317 units in the same month a year earlier, he added. Bajaj Auto Stock price on 06 April 2015 then Bajaj Auto sales closed at Rs 20,3135 an increase of Rs 12.70 or percent 0.63. The 52 weeks bottom was SR 1900.00 and high of share was Rs 2690.00, last 12 months of the company EPS was Rs 102,16 per share in the quarter ended last December 2014. price-earnings (P/E) the ratio of the value was 19,88. The last book value of the company is according to Indian Rs. 332,04/share. The present value the price book value of the company is 6.12.Bajaj Motorcycle March Sales 22% Decline

According released news: Bajaj Auto Ltd. motorcycle sales, including exports, fell 22% to 209 937 units in March compared to the same month it a year ago, the company said in a statement released Monday. Sales of commercial vehicles, including three-wheeled, increased by 21% to 40 667 items throughout the same phase. However, during the period exports of motorcycles and commercial vehicles decreased by 16 percent to 98703 units it a year ago. Sales of motorcycle in a full year (including exports) decreased by 4% to 3.290.000 units. Sales of commercial vehicles increased by 16% to 519 117 units. Overseas global shipments for the year increased 14 percent to 1.8 million units. 10 h 42, Bajaj Auto Ltd. shares traded at Indian Rs.2, 007.75 each on BSE down 0.54 percent of their preceding closing, while situation by reference BSE Sensex of the India rose 0.1 percent to 28,287.74 points.

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