KTM Duke 125 ABS 2015 Specifications

The season of the riding begins and includes! Sun shining, barbecue cook on a spite, aperitifs for the beginning of this year, it draws directly strong! A few shots of bike here I am at the KTM importer. First for the son of the famous “the Belgian Oli”. I tried many type of world bikes but finally I found the super star of the moment 125cc KTM DUKE 125!

KTM Duke 125 ABS 2015 Specifications

KTM Duke 125 Short Review

At first glance I want to share some extra supreme experience with the KTM Duke 125! One notices this side clean, very sober. But as aggressive the exhaust under the engine allows to have a very nice view of the motorcycle under all angles for thus admire the legendary KTM chassis. A simple but effective counter because it is very broad. Natural position (even for a large of 1 m 96) and the large handlebar allows an excellent grip.

Duke 125 More Soft

Brief… I turned the key and I put the gas. I notice right away that the noise is more flattering than some 125. A soft enough couple, but be careful, the beast proves to be fierce once mounted a minimum in the towers! Obviously, the top speed remains worthy of a 125 (+ – 120 km/h), but the fishing has really surprised me.


We are parties walk, a beautiful Sunday, with the Gopro loaded at stock, the most beautiful outputs combis and refueling done note in passing its low consumption and excellent battery life by its 11 l tank… What else?

I start gently because this is the second time that I have a motorcycle test, I prefer first have the bike well in hand. About ten kilometers have just…Now, we attack!

KTM Duke 125 ABS 2015 Specifications

The wide rear tire for a 125 highlights confidence, so I get out the elbows and begins to feel like Shakira with my body that sways in every turn! Incredible, the Duke and I are one! This bike has that little bit extra that allows, even beginners, to quickly put at ease on the apparatus.

Well, it must be defective this brele anyway! I’ll test the emergency brake… Well, once again, I was very surprised because brakes respond very quickly and with a beautiful force, and ABS is really a big plus and proves to be very present.

Unfortunately, after a hundred terminals, I begin to feel that my legs are a bit too big, and that so I do not know to put them in the normally specified shoes…

Personally, I find that this last point is really a matter of taste. It has not bothered me more than it, but opinions differ from one person to another and then, a single negative point aside from the price of 4,210 euro anyway for lots of positive points, I find that it’s going, it does comes out not too badly.

To conclude, I would say that the KTM DUKE 125 is really a bike for everyone, both beginner, amateur of sensations and rides on small cars. Its fishing will taste the pleasures of the road and its charm will slide everywhere. The brakes and the position will put the biker very uncomfortable on the bike.

KTM Duke 125 ABS 2015 Specifications

From 2013, KTM is the first manufacturer to offer ABS standard on a 125. This denotes not only the commitment of KTM security, but again underlines the high level of technology which benefits the KTM 125 Duke (usually reserved for more heavy-duty models). Icing on the cake, the single-cylinder four-stroke injection and its six-speed gearbox still deliver good propulsion. And still a beautiful economy thanks to its low power consumption. Simply a true KTM, the reference on the 125 segment.

KTM Duke ABS 125 Specifications

KTM Duke 125 ABS 2015 Specifications


This four-stroke single-cylinder evolved four-valve, double overhead camshaft, liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection has been specifically developed for the 125 Duke. Its power reached effortlessly 11 kW (15 HP) and offers a complete absence of vibrations thanks to its balance shaft.


Like the RC8 R, the four valves of the cylinder head of the 125 Duke are operated via the rocker arms of the two trees overhead cam. Extreme reliability, this design limits rubbing through the heavy-duty carbon coating of the rocker arms for increased power.


The compact silencer to three bedrooms is located near the centre of gravity of the bike. It thus contributes to the centralization of the masses and the extraordinary agility of the 125 Duke. The catalytic converter in addition to the extreme limitation of pollutant emissions.


The degree of sophistication of the engine, the ultra-modern electronic fuel injection and the short six-speed transmission contribute not only to the impressive performance of the KTM 125 Duke, but also to its moderate consumption. The regulated catalyst to limit polluting emissions.

Fuel Tank

The elegant shape of the 125 Duke 11-litre tank allows not only to the pilot to body with the machine, but it provides a substantial autonomy of more than 300 km, even in sports driving, thanks to the low consumption of the motor.


The 125 Duke has everything that distinguishes a true KTM: top components of range of the part-cycle, the multifunction dashboard that indicates even the fuel consumption and the remaining autonomy. The richness of the KTM PowerParts catalogue is a perfect base for the customization of the motorcycle.


Despite its sporting vocation, the seat offers surprising life long comfort, perfect support and excellent ergonomics for the rider and passenger. With a height of 810 mm, the saddle is low enough to ensure stability at the stop, and high enough for a sporting use with worthy of a larger motorcycle sensations.


The 125 Duke is a real bike due to its dimensions, as well as the space and freedom of movement that it offers. Picked up driving position allows as many driving trip to the attack. Important contact surfaces allow optimum control and excellent feedback.


Light and elegant as resistant, 17-inch cast alloy wheels, developed by KTM for the 125 Duke, welcome tire 110 mm at the front, and not less than 150 mm in the rear. Tires impress with their exceptional grip on dry ground as on wet surfaces, while having a remarkable period of life.


From 2013, the 125 Duke is the new benchmark for safety, with the first category 125 ABS. A feature that will allow young beginners (from 16 years) to take full advantage of the dynamism and the intrinsic qualities of the cycle part of the Duke safely.

On the new KTM 125 Duke, ABS, supplied by Bosch in the usual manner on the KTM, oversees the operation of the powerful braking system designed in close collaboration with Bosch and Brembo specialists, it is equipped with a bracket four-piston radial-mount and a 300 mm disc at the front, for a pleasure without risk. And for les Têtes brulées followers of stunt, ABS can obviously be switched off.


The high quality of the 125 Duke inverted fork, developed by WP Suspension, displays a diameter of 43 mm identical to that of the RC8 R; in other words, a genuine competition equipment guaranteeing stability and unparalleled accuracy.


Swing arm light, articulated the Duke 125, upscale, is designed on the same principle as that of the 690 Duke. Swingarm alloy light weight, equipped with a shock absorber WP direct mount, displays an extreme stiffness torsion and a remarkable stability in motor skills.


Power of 11 kW (15 HP) with a dry weight of 127 kg for full of sensations to the handlebar of the 125 Duke. The part-cycle of first order with its frame light a usual tubular mesh in KTM, actually a genuine Devourer of turns. The masses grouped near the centre of gravity optimize handling and accuracy.

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