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Yamaha XT660R World Best Motorcycles

The first XT was born in 1976; Both gear for all and machine become legendary, she travelled on all fronts, for 3 decades, evolving according to the mores and technology. XT 500 originally, it will know its great evolution in 89 passing 600 cm3 while changing design but not spirit. In the past, the XT 600 E disparassait on the altar of pollution leave instead than XT 660 R.

Yamaha XT660R World Best Motorcycles

This trail has a engine is well known because it is adaptation of the block of the former XTZ 660 (nothing to do with the typed current apparatus Dakar). The cylinder head is no longer at 5, but 4-valves. The internal parts are of course optimized and now water cooling. As the XT enters the 21st century, it is entitled to the bonus of injection, Garant more flexibility and range of use but above all, necessary to meet the anti-pollution Euro 2 standards. The framework is a classic tubular steel which drawing is new and contains engine oil in its upper part.Yamaha XT660R World Best Motorcycles

The plastic of the motorcycle is refreshed but remains in the tones of the lineage. The multi-reflector optical block and the two exhausts bring a touch of aggressiveness while the rear Hugger is more singular, part is raised just under the headlight (on all trails) while the other half licks the wheel to protect the motor from projections. This XT also has new dashboard with all digital options, however still no tachometer.

The travel of the suspension remains unchanged, the XT still allowing to go linger in the countryside, YAMAHA XT 660 Rbien that the city will always be the land where it will be for the most part used. In this regard, good news: the 660 team a lock by key. The braking system is beefier with a large front 298 mm disc; almost of the supermotard. With all these improvements, the XT won the lace but not weight: 13 kg of overweight. The XT660 is one of the leading models of Yamaha XT series.Yamaha XT660R World Best Motorcycles

Someone said “adventure starts at the corner of the street”

The XT660R embodies the trail on which can be effective in all situations mean this trail can use on every kind of off-on road. This adventurer easily changes from bitumen to dirt roads. And with its design, it monopolizes all eyes.

High on wheels, fine and light, the XT660R is equipped with an injection of 660 CC single-cylinder engine. This bike is designed to allow for venturing on the most varied terrain. Modern heir of the prestigious lineage of the XT, it is also at home in town and country.

To make the tour of the district or across continents, the XT660R always meets present. The YAMAHA XT 660 rigorous R Trail available price in European market at 6 599,00 €.

Yamaha XT660R World Best Motorcycles

Key Featured with Strong Points

  • A capacity to make asphalt and land
  • Engine four-stroke liquid-cooled, four valve, single overhead camshaft
  • Compact frame type diamond steel
  • 298 mm disc front brake
  • 43 mm front fork
  • Wheel 21 inch front

On road, the engine behavior remains faithful to the lineage: hardworking, with faithful to the mono architecture but without real excitement traction. Despite the injection, do not consider too low down the towers. It bangs, ca has stalls, and the mill starts without really to care. A mono remains one mono. It is still more flexibility than model 600cc, & it serenely mounts up to its top speed approaching. Needless to achieve high speeds on this machine in order to titillate. An input curve too optimistic? The XTR out you of there.

Yamaha XT660R World Best Motorcycles

A very good distribution of the masses, a rigid frame, and narrow tires, a cocktail which allows the motorbike to revolve in a Blaze, with a large handlebar and a large front wheel added into, you can catch a risky path. The machine does not benefit from the latest technologies as for R1, such a die-cast aluminum frame, or an engine without shirts. but it showed a beautiful uniformity. Handy and accessible, it protects the vertebrae through strong travel suspensions and their ability to clear the irregularities of the road; without that detriment to effectiveness.

YAMAHA XT 660 rigorous R Trail, XTR fishing mainly by a lack of character. Expected more than a big Thumper and in history, the price has risen. Too much can be. For the same price, you can ogle a Honda CB 500 x, a Kawasaki ER-6n, a MT-07 Yam or a Bandit 650 Suzuki. The game is not won but the XT regained his adventurous soul.

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