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Yamaha JFR1300AE A Sophisticated Roadster

Yamaha Corp. has added the latest FJR1300AE to its range of sophisticated roadsters and Equipped with an electronic suspension and the new inverted fork of series, it offers an optimal driving experience.


Yamaha advanced suspension system is designed to allow drivers to vary the performance in order to adapt to the best both to road conditions and carried loads. The four main settings and three settings available on the Yamaha FJR1300AE shock absorbers guarantee optimal, a master’s degree and conduct whatever the conditions.

With the launch of the FJR1300AE 2014, Yamaha further enhances one of the most famous road in Europe.

Yamaha JFR1300AE A Sophisticated Roadster

The windshield has an adjusted FJR1300 electrically controlled by a switch to toggle on the handlebars. Gen I and Gen II models, by default the shield returns to its lowest position when the key is turned off, but some riders choose to disable the “back” function. In the Gen III model windshield maintains its position until this changed with the switch rocker, even when the ignition is off.

A number of new features have been added beginning with model year 2006, including a system for circulating the air adjustable driver.Yamaha JFR1300AE A Sophisticated Roadster

Yamaha II AE / models AS and some A models, depending on the year and the market standard function integrated handlebar grips heated with speed-sensitive setting available in kit OEM replacement for models not equipped with factory. The handlebars are adjustable position, with three parameters, and the seat is adjustable to high or low, with about an inch between the two.

Locking side panniers are supplied as standard in most markets and some markets include fabric “linings” which can be used a catch-all for the content of the case. Each case will be take a full-face helmet. Factory options include protect-feet, hand guards, protective fairing, more large screen of the wind, and a top box colour co-ordinated to mention only a few.

Many riders equip their bikes with a cruise control servo-operated system. There are many suppliers that supply the market.

Key Features and Strong Points

  • Regular engine 1 298 CC with four cylinders in line and YCC – T system
  • Electronic suspension
  • Aluminium for maximum frame
  • Inverted fork
  • Fully adjustable windscreen, fairing, saddle and handlebar
  • System D-Mode for a more flexible and more direct power
  • A more incisive style with optimal protection against weather
  • Traction control and speed regulator
  • Tree for clean and discreet operation transmission system
  • Center stand for optimal deployment
  • Side bags, heating and taken 12 handles series V
  • Large 25 litre for prolonged driving tank

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