NVC 1199 Nuda Veloce Superbike

1199 DUCATI PANIGALE cowl left off, its performance more enjoy riding position.NVC 1199 Nuda Veloce Super motorbike

From SUPERBIKE machine just pure fun. NVC and exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show as a concept model, the written world is styling in addition to brush up on order, is currently under development!
That spectacular running of SUPEBIKE taste the naked style. To throb thrills and sat her at pleasure. NVC do enjoy that bike pure fun extras to grind. Please look forward to future developments!
The preparer/propsman San Marino Moto Corse like radical preparations. If their Monster 1100 Titanium had marked the spirits in 2010, their latest work should be just as much!NVC 1199 Nuda Veloce Superbike rear
You imagined, not a fraction of a second, to acquire a Ducati 1199 Superleggera to another thing that this why it was designed, i.e. a pure track dedicated machine bubble clocks.

If it is likely that especially its Japanese subsidiary-, transform the Superbike an aggressive Roadster to desire was almost a no-brainer. Of course, a few hours of work were required to arrive at the final result, but let’s have that it was worth the candle.

Here a video clip of NVC 1199 Nuda Veloce Superbike for you, watch.

source: playit.pk +motocros

Then, one could criticize the front optics, but the opportunity to rinse the eyes on the Italian block or even the large diameter of the tubular titanium exhaust us reassured in the choice of Moto Corse. Beastly this NVC 1199 Nuda Veloce, isn’t it?

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