Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

When a few months ago yet we speak you of a roadster that is derived from the small Kawasaki Ninja 300 Superbike, we did not think better to say. For 2015 and the years to come, it is done. Kawasaki receives us in Barcelona to present its new Z300!

Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

The small cars are all the rage at the four corners of the planet. Purchase and always tighter maintenance, binding legislation, tedious road repression, all of which are that the craze for these small motorcycles is growing budgets. In Switzerland, including the displacement small option is the Royal Road to get started in the world of motorcycling. Light, easy, sufficiently powerful, economical, everything seems conducive to the requirements of the young clientele, and not only.

The Kawasaki Z300 fits then as the unique roadster in 300cc, 296cc to be precise. Simply put, the Z300 takes up the bulk of the Bank of organs of the 300 Ninja that we had discovered in September 2012. Imagine a naked Ninja 300 and without bracelet, greffez him a buildup of streetfighter, a handlebar roadster and a lighthouse way Kawasaki Z800 and you get the Z300.

Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

With the excellent base that is the 300 Ninja, Kawasaki wished to assign to its Z300 a very great resemblance to the Z800. For proof, at the first glance, could if deceptively and believe that we are dealing with the Z800. Lighthouse block, the shape of the tank, shoulder bodybuildees, elusive back loop, the saddle at the sport design, silhouette, all ready to believe that the Z300 is great! In addition, it has wheels on the grounds identical to those of the ZZR1400. The side scoops give it a look athletic and muscular. Regardless of the angle under which the needs, you will find in any point rewarding. It is on this point that Kawasaki insists. Nobility of plastics, generosity of forms, quality of Assembly, Kawasaki has not built its Z300 at a discount.

Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

Obviously, there are some details that the will betray as the single brake in 290mm front petal disc and 140mm rear tire. Although both are generous next to the cylinder capacity, we are not at the level of the Kawasaki Z800. And just look at the shoe-engine side to see the two tubes of the exhaust manifold describing almost! Sensual curves.

If we look at the spec sheet, we note also that Kawasaki has put the package. Despite the fact that the Z300 is intended for an audience potentially inexperienced biker, it does not skimp on performance parts and thoughtful details. First, two cylinder in-line motor base is designed in the same way as that of the Ninja supersport, namely aluminum that constitutes sank under pressure; Thus, the cylinders are not tappet. Twin develops the generous power of 39cv 11’000 rpm and reasonable torque 27Nm @ 10’000 rpm. Slipper the clutch gives softness to the order and safety during downshifts mechanical rear wheel anti-lock. Frame type diamond was studied on circuit, already for the 300 Ninja, to provide strength and agility at all speeds. A new ABS Nissin lighter 775g takes place under the fuel tank.Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

The latter displays 17 liters capacity and allows an interesting autonomy similar to heavy-duty road. The footrests are in aluminium. And small hooks are integrated into the passenger footrests, as well as under the saddle, to facilitate stowage of luggage. So many little details that make the Z300 are a successful model. Enough descriptive, technical and aesthetic, we want to climb in the saddle to see than this Kawasaki a in the belly.

Let’s Start Riding

Once is not custom in Spain, the rain is invited for this road test. We had beautiful implore the gods, the weather has made to his head. Rain pouring and roadway slippery, it can be the everyday life of many bikers who go to work. Failing to crying over our fate, take advantage of the situation!

The Z300 Kawasaki like the Ninja 300 has been designed to meet young bikers who use their mounts every day and in all weather. Also, it should be noted that the Asian market is very fond of this kind of small-displacement, and there, the weather is not necessarily fixed beautiful 365 days a year. As a result, Kawasaki has partnered with the IRC Thai tyre manufacturer to develop model RX-01 “Road Winner” first especially for the Ninja 300 and now the Kawasaki Z300. The first quality this tire is to provide good handling on wet road… So, let’s see it!

Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

The engine shakes at first sight of starter. With muffler Akrapovic of this “performance”, po-po-po version that characterizes the parallel chromed is present, and it is not displeasing to us! That said, with the chicane, well-worn silencer his name… and is not likely to wake up your neighborhood to the slightest gas kick. They say instead that it merely ennoble the vocalizations of the twin. On the other hand, for sure, it brings a “racing” style to the Kawasaki Z300!

Both feet to the ground, arms naturally forward, almost straight back, the driving position is conducive to urban travel and sports riding in the virolets of the campaign. Two mirrors mounted original offer an excellent field of vision. The block-meter mi-digital speed and other info, mi-analogies tachometer needle, offer all the necessary information (trips, fuel gauge, indicator of economic conduct). It lacks an indicator report engaged; for a motorcycle intended inter alia for novices, it is almost unfortunate.

Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

It captures the clutch. His action is very flexible and requires no effort. Releasing, we note that it is also accurate, and giving a hint of gas, the bike rushes.

At first glance, what surprises is the short storied box. Although the engine enjoys a beautiful extension up to more than 12’000 rpm, the first rounds of wheels will surprise those accustomed large cylinders. On the other hand, quickly note that the twin is pleasant flexibility. He agreed to roll between 2’000 and 6’000 rpm smoothly. City and low-speed man oeuvres, it is a real asset! Voluntary at all rpms, we barely know what shall be engaged and driving “at the noise” of the engine.

In the urban jungle, we’ve enjoyed the comfort of the suspension and the agility of the bike. The Z300 is a motor bike! But also, the flexibility of the clutch control has been saving in alternating traffic inherent to the city.

Later, in the foothills of Catalonia virolets, small Z shone by its ease and cheerful demeanor. This is not even wet asphalt that put us on retainer. Healthy, she leaves to take one turn to another safely. Up to 7’000 rpm, the engine responds smoothly; earlier in the towers, should be evidence fingering to avoid some small spurts of injection. One thing is certain, the twin has two facets: flexible and available at low revs and angry in the towers.

Kawasaki Z300- Z800 Test as Mini in Everyone Approach

When it accelerates the pace, the Kawasaki Z300 surprises by its effectiveness and its homogeneity. While we found the comfort of his suspensions at low speed, city, we also loved the good behavior at a sustained pace. For a biker with an average weight of 70 kilos, the calibration of the suspensions is in perfect harmony with the vocation of the Z300 Kawasaki; the compromise was reached between comfort and sportiness.

If you need to blame something the Kawasaki Z300, this is not its look and still less its road behavior, but rather his braking. While it does require a small Z’s performance worthy of a Ninja, it would have preferred to have more power in the braking. When the rear brake registers itself as a (very) honest retarder, brake before lack a bit of power when we attack. That said, if the brake is not enough bikers experienced dealing with a dynamic leadership, does not doubt to be novices, or at least to the bikers who use the Kawasaki Z300 as it should.

It should be noted as well as the Z300 Kawasaki and his 39cv saw perfectly to the constraints imposed by the road repression Via Sicura in line of sight! Indeed, it is possible to have fun and draw reports up to the red zone and play the speed selector without too much losing the precious sesame Editor’s Note: driver’s license. Fun and endearing, small Z will also charm bikers “of the eve” who seek an economic bike for every day. Yes, although we are rather accustomed to monsters of power, we do not hide our enthusiasm to fly this Kawasaki Z300!

Test Conclusion:

First for a young or new customer, it notes that the Z300 has what charmed a wider target audience. Not expensive, economic use, valuable, efficient, aesthetically impressive, small Z gives of challenging competition, especially as the buyer will be for his money CHF 5’900, euro including bonuses. It loves us, and it is strongly recommended!

We had evidence should not dwell on the technical specifications and that a test of the Kawasaki was needed to be aware of its qualities. In this connection, we invite you to a race of the Acid test ‘ Days may 9 and 10. Or, if you’re impatient, see a Kawasaki dealer or our Geneva partner 100% 2-wheels.


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