Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

Suzuki GSX taken for its rigorous qualities and some falls, the brand of Suzuki always made for great bikers, but there we will see how and why!!!

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

In the year 2015, the sports roadster 1000 4-cylinder is already known from one end … but not at Suzuki! So if sex appeal limited to the GSX-S 1000 will leave fans wanting more originality, buffs thrills and efficiency will not be disappointed by the new generation of Hamamatsu. Instead, on read.

Suzuki invited by the international presentation of the new GSX-S roadster 1000, the plane is about to land at Alicante, I close the press kit on a final sentence that speaks about the ambitions the brand. “Sales target: 1,300 units over the next 12 months.” Segment Roadster 1000 cm3 and is already monopolized by the number of competitors, and Suzuki landing there very late, bookmakers paris taking on this kind of outsiders should not run the streets!

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

For aesthetic considerations and pronunciation difficulty of his name aside, even before trying it, many points play against him. Kawasaki Z1000, Honda CB1000R, Yamaha FZ1: a big Japanese four legs of the genes hypersportive we already know!

And whether to raise the European competition, the entry-level BMW S1000R admittedly more expensive 751 € offers more power and superior electronic staffing including various driving modes. Yet the GSX-S is worth seeing, as you snuggeries yesterday during our first hot stock. Here, in detail, why …

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

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Do not call GSR 1000 … Even if it is under this name that the trade press has always imagined, and that we would naturally tend to consider it as the big sister of the Suzuki GSR 750. In spirit of the Japanese, present in large numbers today in Alicante is primarily as a variation of the GSX-R 1000 hypersportive need design the new Pure Sport Roadster Hamamatsu. A concept marketing stronger according to them.

Proof is taking its design based on a frame while aluminum framing specially designed for the GSX-S and within which is installed a 4 cylinders in line derived from the GSX-R blocks the generation 2005-2008 . While on paper it does “only” 145 horsepower in free version – at a time when other competitors have set the bar much higher – but in the fast parts of our rolling when he is fully expressed, the team seems to be composed of pure bloods … as swift as powerful draft horses. No vulgar nags!

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015 In lack of break?

Nevertheless the first few kilometers of the first grip on the Castilian side as popular with tourists, 4 online first reveals its flexibility. Getting to know the roadster, seeking to avoid the pitfalls of a complicated traffic wise change on low speed brings serenity.

One can indeed go down easily under 2000 r / min, feel a certain linearity up to 5000 rev / min, but the respondent therefore this speed range to double trucks and motor homes on straight national of a simple rotation of the handle.

It must however be measured because if they do not really undermine the motor GSX-S 1000 – although Dunlop Sportmax specific roadway D214 tires – jolts generated acceleration are pretty nasty. .. then still be able to manage the gas net.

We then take advantage of the couple of the roadster and good filling midrange, which ultimately limits gearshifts, which has also seen better. The clutch control seems a hard coat at first, but especially the box restive speed of our test machine seemed to lack running with only 148 km from our test.

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

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Exit highly borrowed axes, now the road opens and the pace is accelerating. Yum! When push reports, it takes a little break the wrist to overcome the draw of the accelerator. But the maneuver then reveals what makes the lure of the big Japanese roadster, the health of the engine between 5000 and 7500 rev/ min.

In a mechanical room of the bewitching, lulled by the sound very GSX-R exhaust and air suction box placed just behind the steering column, we appreciate the fiery temper of the 4-cylinder, which already grows copiously. But he has not said it all!

Indeed, after this time, his reach tougher propels to the entrance of the red zone located at 11 500 r/ min, not without pulling up. It is easily caught by a switch located above 1,000 laps … and unspeakable speed is now displayed on the clock, while one is still on interim reports.

In this fast-paced, switching to dab position is favored by a good opportunity to step back on the seat, in order to maintain the air pressure, forcing naked bike. But to contain the outbreak, we tend to hold on to the handlebars too.

Error because inheritance small bumps, the front end reveals a certain lightness and imposes release the pressure on the hanger for keep up legs. Fortunately, as the tank sides are dug, the exercise is easy.

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

Suzuki GSX Rigorous and Playful

In large curves past at high speed, on flatter surfaces than before, one is immediately captivated by the course keeping the GSX-S 1000. The cycle part is very serious, with suspensions adjustable rather firm and tight chassis. In fact, the handling of the large roadster difficult itself open to criticism.

Same story at the traction control and detachable adjustable on three levels. If, on the rainy pass our test, we found it too intrusive mode 3 which, however, reassure less comfortable in these conditions – on the first two levels, its action is never brutal entry while its light flashes on the dashboard.

In addition, on 1, it allows slight gliding without cutting the momentum abruptly. What make his mark on the asphalt in a turn Quick taken third fund, we confira a colleague behind us at the aspi! What efficiency!

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

Meandering towards the heights of the back Castilian country, our route takes us now on roads with sharp turns. There, the GSX-S 1000 unveils a player character, but also some shortcomings …

Braking are Angers

Starting with the perfectible feeling its braking lumberjack fashion! Until then, city and national rhythm to “relaxed”, I did not really have to complain. But here, passed a major backlash, pull hard on the lever for teeth.

The fork dipped slightly during braking, but degraded coating, ABS proves too sensitive, and causes unpleasant returns in the lever. The rear brake is more satisfying in terms of progressiveness and finally, you can not disconnect the ABS. Shame!

Slowed by the large engine braking typical of the genre! One may also keep a lot of brake at the time to put the GSX-S. Placing it on the corner is progressive, impeccable precision. The correction of a trajectory creates little difficulty and whether to resume the brake on the corner, the bike gets up easily.

Suzuki GSX S 1000 ABS Test 2015

In short, his nose gear really shines efficiency and, like the rear is granted, we find this bright and homogeneous appreciable neutrality roadster. The ground clearance is also very acceptable. Attention to the character a bit ON / OFF of the acceleration, not the most appropriate when the angle of recovery phases.

Reviews Results :

Are not going to beat around the bush: apart from its look no manga style, as we have described our hosts, the Suzuki GSX-S 1000 does not bring anything new to the segment of the large sports roadster. Nevertheless it must be recognized that this is not a bad horse, quite the contrary.

Indeed, its engine is enjoyable and cycle part gives it sharpened precision and vivacity. Easy handling of, handy and perfectly livable in everyday life, it has a more natural ergonomics and user comfort in the segment … for solitary users, however, because without handhold and rewarded with a minimalist base, a passenger will not be welcome.

Side tariff, its investment also seems questionable. Proposed € 11,999 (€ 12,499 with ABS) it is in direct confrontation than with Kawasaki Z1000 (€ 11,999 / € 12,599). It remains more affordable than a basic BMW S1000R (€ 13,250) in compensation, which provides 160 horsepower in free version, ABS and serial driving modes. And the Honda CB1000R, which provides almost the same type of benefits, is now on sale for € 8,999 and € 9,499 with ABS. So, as the bookmakers mentioned above, we do not will bet on the goals announced by Suzuki.

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