Yamaha Motorcycles FZ8 ABS 2015

The FZ8 is a purely exciting with do the Z and the GSR in the legs, not to mention the Street Triple much more lightweight and efficient. Improve became more imperative than to habit, and 2013 helped change the main complaints of the Yamaha roadster.

Yamaha Motorcycles FZ8 ABS 2015

THE change is the appearance of settings on the fork and shock absorber. The driver will finally be able to adjust the depreciation at its convenience. The FZ8 was sharply criticized for the flexibility of his suspensions, not really suited to his ilk.
The fork is now adjustable in rebound and compression on the right sleeve, pre-load spring on the left sleeve. The shock won a firmer spring 83.4 m/v against 78.4 previously new settings and a dial to adjust the trigger.Yamaha Motorcycles FZ8 ABS 2015
Rated cosmetics, a special colour Race Blu, transparent masks, and above all, a new silent instead of the horrible previous pan. Refined, tweaked, exhaust no longer calls the criticism. More to blow the breathing of the power derived from the FZ1.

Yamaha Motorcycles FZ8 ABS 2015
The engine performance of the FZ8 is derived from the series R is designed to deliver generous torque at all speeds. Its sophisticated Deltabox chassis and its effective braking give this surly and sports roadster a competitive advantage.
A powerful torque at low and midrange accompanies an exceptional acceleration. When the needle points to the line red, better is worth to cling.

Yamaha Motorcycles FZ8 ABS 2015

To winding mountain passes or use on the highway, the lightweight aluminum Deltabox chassis handles with great precision and remains extremely stable at high speeds. Its new front and rear suspension settings allow a perfect Setup. Only the FZ8 ABS version is delivered standard with a hoof into two parts.

Key Featured with Strong Points

  • FZ8 incredible and infinite capacity performance
  • Four-cylinder horsepower 779 CC online
  • Ubiquitous torque and power
  • Lightweight and rigid aluminum Deltabox frame
  • New muffler
  • Supersport performance with a sleek look
  • From the R series engine and frame
  • Outstanding braking system
  • New adjustable suspension
  • Optional ABS

This Yamaha FZ8 2015 available in European market with reasonable price at 8 599.00 €.

We presenting here the beautiful wallpapers of Yamaha Motorcycles FZ8 ABS 2015 in the given gallery bellow.

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