Honda Bulldog Motorcycles a Concept for Masters

The Osaka motorcycle fair opened its doors this morning of 20 March and Honda unveiled is a concept in first world named Bulldog, sort of a cross between a zoom and the Brutus of Aeon-Over seen at the Milan fair in 2012, unless the inspiration comes from the countries of the East… Nothing to see either with BT 1100 of the competitor in the daipasons. who were expecting perhaps the the le trois-roues dont les brevets. – wheel patent three have been Deposes – wheels which patents have been filed three in 2014.

Honda Bulldog Motorcycle-Concept Honda Bulldog

This unveils presented at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015 Honda Bulldog is a fully turned concept to outdoor recreation. Built around a line of 400 cc OHV – apparently that of the CB400 sold in Asia – the Bulldog exhibits a look very “trendy rural”, large well protection in sight with their blue hue bars bath, luggage racks front and rear, big saddle way ATV, put-aways in the flanks gross plastic tank, 15-inch wheels pavements of large spikes… With his saddle perched only 730 mm above the floor, Honda Bulldog could attract more customers, gentleman farmer to the staggered… supermini but Lovable Touring Partner “friendly companion for ride” will probably remain the State’s concept. Too bad…

We told you yesterday the Honda press conference at the Osaka’s show, with 2 previously unveiled conceptions, the SFA street fighter and the CRF 250 Rally. Proto-surprise, it’s this bike named Bulldog, designed around the concept of Lovable Touring Partner “lovely traveling companion”, “thought to go beyond the boundaries of conventional leisure motorcycles, to enjoy the outdoor activities”…Honda Bulldog Motorcycle-Concept Honda Bulldog

Okay, so much for the starting point of delirium of the Japanese engineer, that Honda has willingly (but Yamaha also, see our article on the biennale du design in Saint-Étienne…). Technically, the Bulldog is built around a twin cylinder 400 cm3 a downsizing of the CB 500 or a whole new block?, whose characteristics are supposed to allow it to evolve easily in the city as in the countryside. A kind of motorcycle quad in short: 15 inch wheels with wide tires big cleats, low seat height 730 mm above the floor, tank “tanker” in the square shapes recalling those of the big trails way BMW GS of the 1980s.

The Bulldog is otherwise of course provided for the loading for camping…This is, thank you Honda for this “adorable” leisure motorcycle interpretation, which our Japanese friends will appreciate certainly more than in our countries.

Here in gallery some spec pictures of Concept Honda Bulldog Motorcycle.

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