2015 Yamaha Motorcycles SR400

The big single-cylinder has always occupied a place in the heart of the motorcycle. When Yamaha Corp. over 30 years ago launched the first Yamaha SR400, it speedily became one of the orientations for drivers looking for a simple, agile and powerful motorcycle for any fan of retro-magnet motor, the eye glides along the soft lines of the slender 2015 Yamaha SR400, just as it did in 1978. Because Yamaha entitled at the time and correctly chose do not change much since.

2015 Yamaha Motorcycles SR400

Over the years, the immense interest in the SR do has never dried up. Today, the Yamaha SR400 is preparing to make a comeback in the daily life of a new generation of bikers who appreciate its authentic style. Its retro look gives charm and authenticity in all respects. You want to turn it into Cafe Racer in “bobber”.

But the element that defines the  new in the USA Yamaha is the single kickstart that bends to the right side of the bike. This is your one and only way to start the bike and it is excellent.

It was a sunny California summer day for our first race on the bike to Venice Beach. After we headed for the bright line lowered “Graphite liquid” We painted bikes, Product Planner Yamaha Derek Brooks gave us “training” on how to start one. Velocette MSS, Yamaha RD350 owner and Norton Commando 850, I felt fully qualified. But there was a guy on the way who said he had never boosted a motorcycle.

The idea recommending SR400 is an experience almost modern and vintage made easy with electronic fuel injection. The 399cc single keeps the light on the cam which can be observed when the engine is in the optimal position to launch. It really is not necessary to use it, but it is useful to understand at first. Basically, just to get it if the piston up against compression, decompression lever pull the left bar-mounted and bring a little past TDC piston. Then kick a smooth, quick as you like, but without violence and it will start every time, hot or cold, without starter ever required because it is not. I find satisfaction in the shot of a bike to life. Others do not. Especially if they stall at a light or other terribly inconvenient places.

So Yamaha SR400 has 35 years of existence experience as a bike is born to be customized.


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