Yamaha R1M Test  as Japanese Couture

Yamaha back in the niche market of the sports high range with the YZF 1000 R1M, ultimate declination of the already very noticed R1 2015. Equipped electronic assistance, devices suspensions hi tech of carbon, the Yamaha R1M accessories is the new flagship of the constructor to the tuning forks.

Yamaha R1M Test  as Japanese Couture

In addition to testing of the R1 2015, we perform two sessions to the handlebars of Yamaha R1M, still more luxurious declination and high-end of the Japanese superbike.

Unveiled at the salons of the fall of 2014, the R1M did talk about it, not because its limited distribution. Until further notice, 90% of copies intended for Europe for 2015 are already sold!

Yamaha R1M Test  as Japanese Couture

R1M Unexpected Tailor Couture

Given its positioning and the com map ‘ surrounding the involvement of Valentino Rossi in his development, one could expect that the R1M sports paintings of war way MotoGP.

But no, it cloaks in a dress grey and carbon which is more – very licked – tuning than registered race bike. At the limit, the standard R1 in blue shows more faithful to the motorcycle racing. Indeed, the R1M deviates so spirit OW-01 and R7, real compe-guests and base for certification the Superbike Yamaha at the time.

For the rest, the materials are very good and sheet is enriched with additional technologies: suspensions Ohlins ERS, GPS and communication system smartphone/Tablet CCU to store and analyze data collected on circuit, second by second.

Yamaha R1M Test  as Japanese Couture

R1M-Pas M1R

Even if our R1M are equipped with sporting controls, the environment is close to that of the standard R1 and identical mechanics. The grip is similar, even if the R1M 1 kg heavier on the scale that the standard R1 because electronic suspensions and tire rear 200 mm.

On the fork Ohlins electronic assistance is betrayed by the presence of hoses to the hydraulic. Dashboard is seen with a bar graph coupled racing brake and suspensions ERS.

When seeking the brake lever, even when stopped, the applied force is transcribed to the dashboard, as elsewhere the Embedment of the fork. Geeks will love this gadget.

Yamaha R1M Test  as Japanese Couture

Contact: the rail 4 cylinder Cross plane is exacerbated by the Akrapovic titanium silencer, which finally bit noisy rest even deprived of his chicanery.

R1M A Touch of Gold Runway

Equipped for the occasion of Bridgestone Battlax Racing V02, the R1M pays about the same in the racing atmosphere. With three sessions of R1 standard in the legs, is soon to appreciate the changes made by this M version, although slick – more rigid and strongest tires road – blur a little tracks. But clearly, suspensions Ohlins ERS do well the difference over the towers, the R1M showing more stringent than the standard R1.

At the end of the straight line, or on the other three heavy braking of the Eastern Creek circuit, better controlled base brings more steering comfort. The R1M contains more the compressive stress. In the new winding part slightly uphill, the nose wheel is more welded to the floor. This gives more confidence in investment in the pif-pafs, while the standard R1 could seek the track with a nose wheel unloaded.

Yamaha R1M Test  as Japanese Couture

In the straight line, the holding of cap is substantially the same as that of the standard R1, yet equipped with street racing tires homologated, supposedly more stable. Rest between the slick, electronic suspensions and multiple audiences related to the Central Bosch IMU, Yamaha R1M becomes a little more demanding physically than its standard sister.

What could be more normal, after all, taking into account the overall gain in performance. Anyway, the piloting of a hyper sportive of 200 horses for 200 kg all full facts requires a lot of concentration. Significantly, particularly with a 600 which lets you – still – blow in a straight line.

Yamaha R1M Test  as Japanese Couture

Conclusion: What is Rare is Expensive

Sold US$ 24,400 or US$ 4800 more that the standard version already well equipped, Yamaha R1M caters to wealthy fans of sports at the cutting edge of performance and technology.

In addition, afford a R1M will give them access to the days Yamaha Racing Experience, a training course 4 stars for all understand subtleties of their machine in the company of renowned drivers.

Do not dream anyway: the Doctor in person does not accept the role of monitor for a day. Nevertheless, this premium positioning allows Yamaha to join Ducati that provides substantially the same services.

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