Yamaha Motorcycles Cage MT07 Features

The Yamaha MT-07 woke up the range of medium-sized cars with its horsepower engine and its extremely agile chassis. this MT designed to bring you still more action and emotions.

Yamaha Motorcycles Cage MT07 Features

We push today this concept even further with the MT-07 motorcycle Cage radical style a motorcycle to the aggressive look that brings a new style trend on the streets.
In the MT family, there are show fangs, but especially the side dark and acid of the crepuscular corners of the Japan. The MT-07 is in its discontent with this motorcycle Cage declension. A realization that the cousins of Akira and Kaneda would willingly to squeak the piping on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Yamaha Motorcycles Cage MT07 Features
Dealers accessories, tuning and decorators of M6 workshops, you can close the RADIUS for ornamenting the MT-07. In this opus motorcycle Cage, the Yam no longer needs nothing, if of a Dark-Sideur ready to him deglinguer bars. There is perhaps only Mr Akrapovic that one would see much  invited to the feast.
The MT-07, it is full of Yamaha carton, the range access roadster which did fly, the machine coming to shake the hegemony of the Kawasaki ER-6. Here, it turns in the hard-hitting style at the limit of the corrosive. When she becomes motorcycle Cage, it is as if the MT was oxidized to hemoglobin of tuna junkie. Graphics collide with this red hit here and there. It will orbit on the rear wheel, is dispersed on the body and then drowned himself in the front rim.

Yamaha Motorcycles Cage MT07 Features

Yamaha MT07 Technical Spec

With the MT-07, the Japanese roadster becomes drier, more player, with pieces of cross-plane in its twin from 75 horses and almost 7 mkg torque. The Yam block is distinguished by an altimeter at 270 ° and the uneven firing intervals. In order to distribute the couple in an optimal way, a philosophy adopted by the M1 then the R1 and the MT-09. Technical modifications to the troublemakers? No need. On the Cage, it’s style, point bar. With a lot parts creaking the eye; the radiator scoops cut, a piece of adjustable headlight cover, protects-hands street-style, a set of tubular side guards, a funky engine hoof, some adhesive protections and a redesigned passenger saddle.

Yamaha Motorcycles Cage MT07 Features
The Yamaha MT – 07 motorcycle Cage sweat the stunt, wedged between a hangar overheated by the crowd and a suffocating avenue apartment pride. The unhealthy sleep, so the Cage comes put him burn shots into the nostrils. Bubbly by its engine and completing attempt by its tariff, the MT-07 undergoes a substantial inflation, almost reasonable in its motorcycle Cage version, seen very marked penchant stunt.
Equipped with a red tubular protection that surrounds the central part of the bike, this urban machine not joking. Contrasting wheels and a decoration that draw the eye, everything is done to highlight his rebellious. Its ‘bad boy’ is reinforced by the wind above the lighthouse and the numerous accessories special bright red jumps.
The motorcycle Cage kit does not include the flashing LED, the Akrapovič exhaust or the plate holder. These accessories are sold separately. The MT-07 bike Cage is available in standard version.

Yamaha Motorcycles Cage MT07 Features

Key Features with Strong Points

  • Twin line 689 CC liquid-cooled four-stroke
  • Homogeneous and high torque at low revs
  • Special tubular protection cage
  • Stir-fry adjustable wind
  • New decoration on the tank and the shroud
  • Exclusive accessories which give an aggressive look to the MT
  • Empty weight of only 164 kg
  • Agile, manageable and easy to master
  • Mass centered towards the front and profile wrapping
  • Lightweight wheels to 10 sticks of contrasting colours
  • Digital instrumentation led
  • Dual 282 mm front discs and four-piston calipers
  • Price MT-07 Cage from €6 799.00

Here in gallery some beautiful pictures of Yamaha Motorcycles Cage MT07 are present, just watch them.

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