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Victory Magnum X-1 2016 the Best Cruiser

Within the range of motorcycles Victory one of the most irreverent is the Victory Magnum Motorcycle with chopper style and its flashy colors and exaggerated fairings. But it seems that it is not enough for Victory, since they wanted him to give a twist with the Victory Magnum X-1 2016.

Victory Magnum X-1 2016 the Best Cruiser

The model has presented at the Daytona Bike Week with specific decor and a differential audio system. It will cost more than the Victory Magnum, departing price by 22,300 euros in Spain.

Victory Magnum X-1 2016 the Best Chopper

In essence it is the same Victory Magnum series, only with a hand of special paint in bright black and accents in Electric network valued at $1,000. But it is not unique, since it has an audio system twice as powerful for the Magnum standard and four times more powerful than a Victory Cross Country motorbike. Some also more diffident and  consists of 10 base speakers and 200 watts for assembling WAD on the bike.

Other details of the bike are its headlight light smoked full LED for better visibility and it is 74% more potent than a Victory Cross Country and the front tire 21-inch finish Black Billet aluminum. Continue unchanged his Freedom V-twin engine to 50th 1.731 CC, the disc brakes 300 mm double on the front axle with ABS series or tires Dunlop Elite 3. The dry mass of the bike is 354 pounds, so it’s a custom touring bike with which draw attention in concentrations.

So you should soon achieved the fantastic and aggressive cruiser to you garage because its a fit chopper for adventure and  great beauty will make a nice improvement in your personality .

Here are some more images of Victory Magnum X-1 2016 in gallery.

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