Yamaha MT – 09 Tracer Reviews 2015

Yamaha cursory roadster with its MT-09 planet. The success met by the three par le trois-cylindres – cylinders, the Japanese firm wants to drive the nail with the plot one year ago, , which the motor base and the part-cycle are identical to those of the MT-09 standard and when the character of MT is accompanied by assets of a road, the result is in sharp contrast.Yamaha MT - 09 Tracer Reviews 2015

MT-09 is no longer present. The fanfare accompanying his arrival on the market last year sounded enough. We journalists have also not shunned our pleasure at different trials at his company. Playful, original, affordable and equipped with an exhilarating three-cylinder, she did capsize hearts! And the firm to the tuning forks does not fail to remind us by way of introduction. Some 10 372 units have thus sold in Europe between January and October 2014, which places the MT-09 on the third step of the podium behind the BMW R 1200 GS and Yamaha MT-07. It is clear that “the dark side of the Japan” slogan of the MT family – is catchy.

Surfing on this enthusiasm, Yamaha presents today a declination Touring under the name of MT – 09 Tracer. A new machine freely inspired by the 847 CC roadster. Reason: the two machines share the same production platform. Found as well on the charting engine and the cycle part of the MT-09. Suffice to say that this cost containment strategy can make you smile. Not the vicious and malicious rectus, not, imagine instead a free banana of pleasure. Because with such a base, the plot began his career with serious advantages.

Yamaha MT - 09 Tracer Reviews 2015

The design is for many. The road attributes of the Yamaha spoil nothing aggressive line – sprinkled with a hint of sport – from the Japanese plastic. The double Optics is conceived as a combination of the elements of the R6 and the Fazer. The lines are free. The sharp contours. The absence of prominent fairings ensures the stripped aspect. And then the set could be disfigured by the bubble, the latter, adjustable on three heights, is refined to its base and contributes fully to the dynamism released by Yamaha.

The first physical contact is also pleasant. If it was feared a too close seat than the MT-09, – fine saddle and typed position super motard, it is nothing. In order to make a real road, a longer and wider saddle was selected. Farm at first, it remains comfortable and will cause no inconvenience during this test of two hundred kilometers.

Yamaha MT - 09 Tracer Reviews 2015

In addition, the driving position is more welcoming. Back straight, arms bent at height of the abdominal muscles, foot placed in the axis of the spine, the driving position to consider without fade consistent routes. If however this is not suitable, the seat height is adjustable (845or 860 mm from the ground) and it is possible to play horizontally, 10 mm on the wide handlebars available in aluminums. Everything is done to make the driver feel at home.

It is also the feeling that prevails from the first driven meters. No surprises, input, we are known terrain. At low speed, maneuverability and stability of the plot are immediately highlighted. And this, despite a weight of 210 pounds with the full. This ease of grip is even accentuated by the flexibility of controls, including by the finesse of the injection. It was one of the rare black roadster MT-09, Yamaha has worked on as a result. The electronic control of the opening of the gas now acts with finesse, and exploitation of the three de le trios-cylinder is only more pleasing. Because the identity of the engine has-been fully preserved. The performances remain unchanged, or115 horses for 8.9 mkg torque.

Yamaha MT - 09 Tracer Reviews 2015

The character, he again puts the senses in turmoil. Completed on all floors, the block always convinces by its flexibility and its operating range. The occasions are effective starting at 2 500rpm, and the strong rise in power offered later ends to switch ceiling 11 500 rpm. The fun of the MT-09 spirit was not left aside. Three engine mappings are selectable on the handlebar. These essentially change the release of power on the first degrees of rotation of the handle. In the event that delicate road, the most optimistic can count on TCS traction control. However, it is difficult to make full use of an engine when the suspensions do not follow.

Yamaha MT - 09 Tracer Reviews 2015

Here, their work is healthy and properly coordinated. The plot absorbs the cuts on the corner without adverse reactions. The Monoshock is comfortable on the waves at low speed, maintaining stability and softness. On the other hand, small repeated shocks on a degraded road unveil a relaxation of the sharper handset. Easily rectifiable discomfort via a set screw. Forward, reverse, also adjustable fork preload and relaxation, offering a good feel. Especially during brake applications supported. That enable radial calipers 4-piston and their discs298 mm in diameter. Not to mention the non-disconnect able ABS ensures the grain. An element of is no longer logical series for a motorcycle which is road. Because that is what is at the final Yamaha Tracer MT-09.

Yamaha MT - 09 Tracer Reviews 2015

Verdict motorcycle review: Agile, friendly, easy, dynamic the MT – 09 Tracer seduced from the first rounds of wheels. Strength obviously comes its three-cylinder engine pest and exploitable, but its part-cycle and its various qualities of road also. Fun and pragmatism are combined into a coherent whole. All for a price of €9 999. Which has nothing of a flight, given the quality of finish and all standard equipment ABS, Traction Control, adjustable inverted fork, brake radial, bubble adjustable, Center stand, etc. In contrast, point saddlebag. It simply, origin, anchor points.

Here are some picture of Yamaha MT – 09 Tracer Reviews 2015 being test and review of observers.

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