Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

Ducati has the wind in its sails and attack all fronts with its new models. In recent months, we have seen the Monster 1200, the Scrambler, Panigale 1299.

Three models for three different markets, from roadsters to the Super sport passing through the neo-retros.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review with three models (1024 × 682)

At first glance, one might think that the likes of the ‘ducatisti’are satisfied, and yet there is the category of maxi-trails occupied by the Multistrada 1200. Although the latter is already equipped with a technological armada of Pointe, Ducati drives the nail and Brig of the maxi-trails first place.

When many were expecting the advent of a small size powered by the twin cylinder Testastretta 821ccMultistrada, Ducati has surprised its observers by presenting a new Multistrada, still inhabited by the famous twin Desmodromic 1198cc.

For this vintage 2015 novelties appear before any aesthetic. But not only, must be addressed on the datasheet to discover all the best! Ducati has far not happy a facelift and a simple update of the Multistrada.Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

To discover its 2015 Multistrada, Ducati has invited us to Lanzarote, Spanish volcanic island located in the Atlantic, off the coast of the Morocco. At the beginning of the month of March, the weather is ideal to complete our test. Advantage of 22 ° C in the vicinity of the coast, and then you lose 1 ° C per 100meters of altitude. And as the island is full of volcanoes, changes in altitude are important from one region to the other. That goes and that goes down, but above all, the roads are twisty and it is not displeasing to us!

Multistrada 2015 a Great Italian Art

Two Multistrada, one white and one red, so proudly is in the courtyard of the hotel. More aggressive and more massive than the previous generation, second of the name, the Multistrada 2015 displays its claims at the first glance. Aficionados of the brand can always shout out to the scandal, like the Porschistes during the marketing of the Cayenne; the fact remains that the Multistrada, Ducati two-wheeled SUV, is a stylistic success story. An Italian remains an Italian, as the transalpine design has no equal.

The protruding fairing visually concentrated masses forward, for evocative assertive aggression of pure performance. Wheels three sticks in Y shiny black lighten the part-cycle as much as they contribute to the sportsmanship seen the motorcycle.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

The duck-billed, itself topped by rows of LED, incorporates two gaping air intakes from force-feed the engine fresh air. The hand-integrated turn signals, to release the fairing of unsightly exuberances. The twin is highlighted without shame, in the same way as the single sided swing arm swing of aluminium bronze colour. This same single notes the presence of the double side exhaust, barely concealed behind the passenger footrest. The fuel tank blends into the General motorcycle line that is hard to believe that it can contain up to 20 liters.

The second generation of Ducati Multistrada was a reference in the field, the third confirms its position! Great art, Italian!

Multistrada High Technology Concentrate

Barely is focusing on the sheet that there’s a crowd of abbreviations, each relating to a specific technology security or performance.

Performance, Yes, without a doubt! Indeed, the boiler that animates the Multistrada is none other than the twin cylinder Testastretta from the superbike 1198.The figures speak for themselves: 160hp 9’500 rpm and 136Nm at 7’500 rpm. power and flexibility are achieved through the variable desmodromic distribution Desmodromic Variable Timing – DVT).DVT is continuously vary intake and exhaust cams independently of the other. Thus, yields a hyper flexible into the substantial and very powerful engine towards the red zone. Besides pure performance felt at the right handle, twin lowers its fuel consumption by 8% and requires intervals of service oil change 15 ‘000 km or every year, with a setting of the clearances of the valves all the 30’000 km.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

Technologies and other on-board by the many Multistradaare. Every movement of the rods is monitored by the ECU (electronic central unit). Cladding of advanced electronics, the shield of the Multistrada has traction control (DTC), different modes of conduct along with mapping touring, urban, sport and enduro, the active suspension by electronic control Skyhook (DSS), a borrowed at 1199 Superleggera (DWC) anti-wheelie, a curve (DVC) ABS and the revolutionary D – Air System airbag Dainese as jacket or integrated into a jacket controlled by the ECU of the bike.

On the side of the comfort of driving, the Multistrada offers a beacon before directional road and cross fires entirely in LED, handlebar control Kit backlit, a multimedia unit incorporating dash LCD colour with Bluetooth function with connection of headset or Smartphone for telephony and audio and a keyless system allowing Keyless Start.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

At present, Ducati made pioneer by offering original model 1200S a technology package also richly garnished.

To clarify the differences between the Multistrada1200 and Multistrada 1200 S models, the latter takes origin, in addition to the basic model equipment, multimedia unit, the directional headlight led, the suspension active Skyhook and braking before Brembo 330 mm 320 and calipers M50 disks. Inaddition, Ducati offers two models of the advantageous options packages for barely more than CHF 1’400.-each and combined each other: Sport front fender in carbon, Termignoni muffler, liquid tanks of brake and clutch anodized aluminium, Touring side panniers with a total capacity of 58 liters, handlebars and Center stand, Enduro additional LED lights pare- engine, grid of protection of the radiator, stand plate Expander, wider foot, motor shoe aluminium and Urban less than CHF 900 top-box of48 liters, with USB semi-rigid tank bag. Obviously, the list of accessories do not stop there; you will find the complete catalogue in the configuration interface, on the Ducati.ch site.

In addition, for the European market only, the Multistrada S is available in a final version, the D – Air. It is equipped with multiple accelerometers to trigger, if necessary, the airbag jacket or vest worn the driver. This exclusive system developed in collaboration with the equipment manufacturer Dainese.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Test as sporty and Comfort Review 2015

Take Orders Without  Interfere  Legibility Technology

It reminds us the keys of ‘our’ Multistrada swiped without delay at the back of our pockets. With the keyless system, it is indeed necessary to insert her key into the Neimann to start the bike. A real advantage to which it is fast! A button located on the right commodo serves contactor. A brief pulse, the Multistrada 1200 S multicolor LCD screen glows the screen is monochrome on the basic version. Our position, nor that of the Sun come interfere with the legibility of the on-board computer. The large surface of the screen and high resolution to comfortably distribute all information so that each of them is readable at the first glance. Scrolling of the different information such as trips, average and instant consumption, the air temperature, the duration of rolling, etc. is done using two buttons, one for each of the two areas of information.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

To adjust the rear shock absorber spring preload, simply press two seconds on one of the two buttons above. Then just stopped, it is possible to choose exactly the situation of loading: alone, alone with suitcases, two or two with suitcases. This is valid for the Multistrada 1200 S equipped with DSS, the Multistrada’s base merely a control dial.

Then comes the moment of choosing the mode of conduct. Number four Urban, Touring, Sport and Enduro, each interact with electronic driving AIDS traction control, anti-wheelie, ABS, on the management of the motor power and torque curves)and on the calibration of the suspension (only on the Multistrada 1200 S, which is equipped with DSS and, for the more demanding, it is still possible to change the settings pre-configured for each of the four modes. Suffice to say that the Multistrada is fully customizable, more exactly in the S version!

About the multimedia interface, Ducati informs that Smartphone application will be available for download by April 2015. It will then connect your Smartphone to broadcast your favorite via your Bluetooth headset music, but also to receive information from the GPS to read SMS on the screen of the dashboard, to access your contacts and make or receive phone calls. It does not stop progress! Innovations in the automobile eventually invade the world of two-wheelers. Are we going to complain?

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort

To dismay environmental and environmental actors, it starts the Multistrada to heat the noble mechanics. The Starter causes the twin during a good second until he takes over in a typical buzz of a L-twin. Let’s imagine the sound atmosphere when a dozen of Ducati idling… At first glance, it is surprised to note the absence of vibrations, on the saddle or handlebars.

Our guide, who is none other than Carlos Checa in 2011 Superbike World Champion, beckoned us. We are ready to go. Is the first report that locks smoothly. Only the clutch shows a manly firmness. The sticking point is frank, as well as the motor bulkhead that idling, allows soar by releasing the clutch without giving even gas.

At low speed, in the neighborhood of the hotel we just quit, engine proved exemplary smooth, touring selected mode. The small typical jerks of the engine architecture stir a little motorcycle under the 2’000 rpm, but nothing disturbing.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

In urban mode, the power is limited to 100cv and yet softens the behavior of the engine without reduction its availability for an evolution in the urban jungle safely. In this connection, since both are frequent crosswalks, lights or intersections, note that the saddle of the Multistrada has been carefully studied to allow all templates put both feet on the ground. Indeed, it is much closer in its front part. And now, it is adjustable in height (825-845mm), which was not the case previously.

Quickly, one leaves the town where our hotel was. It is the opportunity to see what this Multistrada has in the belly and, incidentally, for the pleasure of the eyes, to discover the island of Lanzarote and its volcanoes scattered North to South. Landscapes breathtaking, both in sea with cliffs flowing into the ocean in the heights, on the slopes of a volcano happily asleep. During our trip to test, we were also able to enjoy the desert region’s Timanfaya natural park that is willingly, assimilated by its lava blocks, to a lunar scenery.

The asphalt that covers the roads of the island is responsible for silica, which contributes greatly to the already very good adhesion of the Pirelli Scorpion Trail2 fitted original the Multistrada. These are a new version of the mixed tire Scorpion Trail and is distinguished primarily by its carcass big omme and its new direction combining the grip of a tire  enduro on the tread and the adhesion of a tire touring on the flanks. For this new version, Pirelli also announced of best values in terms of grip on wet and longevity.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

We take a few straight lines to pull reports one by one until the red zone. One thing is certain, the twin breathe fully and suggests. Beyond 5’000 rpm, it breaks loose and you catapult to shameful speeds. It almost regret by lazy, the absence of a quick shifter to pass speeds without grabbing the clutch. At full load, on the first three reports in touring mode, you feel forward offloaded without ever that wheel took off from the ground, while in sport mode, a light wheeling is allowed to maximize the acceleration. In this regard, a steering damper would have helped to stabilise the direction at high speed, because observed some movements once the 140 km/h passed. Well, maybe this was due to the sometimes violent side wind blows.

And as after each straight line, turning points, we can count on the fearsome Brembo brakes, regardless of the version of the Multistrada S or not reminder:330mm and calipers M50 for the Multistrada 1200 Sdisk. In normal use, the lambda biker will find no differences in braking between the two version; This is what in arsouillant seriously that there is one more great power on the part of the M50 calipers. Therefore, it is not braking which we will decide for one or the other two versions.

When high accelerations or supported braking, suspension active Skyhook makes all the difference. More braking with acceleration, be very clearly felt the suspension react to harden there where is the force, on the fork under braking or acceleration shock. The Multistrada’s base would rather tend to make the pendulum. Once more, need to push the Multistradato its limits to perceive “activity” of the suspension. However, on degraded road, regardless of the selected driving mode and therefore the calibration of the suspensions, we appreciate a high level of comfort more with the Skyhook suspension, without so far tarnishing the dynamic capabilities of the excellent cycle part.

The real asset of the Skyhook suspension is automatically adapt its ‘activity’ to the borrowed road surface. Thus, it is a driving dynamics of high-level performance to date on a trail-enjoy! Note that the Skyhook suspension received a redesign complete its parameters, relative to that fitted the Multistrada’s second generation. Also, who travels in ever different configurations (in town solo and in duo with luggage, for example) will find a true value in the Skyhook suspension. Indeed, in two-stroke three movements, by the single pulse of a button on the left commodo, preload, as well as the calibration of the suspension components, adapts to the driving situation. What more?

Arsouille mode, the Multistrada is comfortable, little important version, but even more the model S. An inexhaustible motor with torque and power associated with efficient braking and a part-cycle of hell, the recipe seems all found to misery in the laces of the Alpine passes to many of the sports of the time andother pretentious roadsters. Trapper brake secured by the anti-stoppie, as well as braking curve avoiding the low side thanks to gyroscopic ABS, handling without reproach on the corner taking advantage of the efficient part-cycle and a traction control ensuring the grain for a motor warranty to the go-around the Multistrada 1200 (S), it when time and need to do quickly and good!

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

To top it off the table, the Multistrada is equipped with extreme maneuverability. The swing of one turn to another requires no effort. And once on the angle, no matter the angle taken, it is foolproof stability. Nothing comes the disturbing! And just a pulse on the handlebars to correct the trajectory. The sensation to body with the bike is real. Agility and stability are at the rendezvous, and yet, these two notions are often incompatible with the other.

To top it off the table, the Multistrada is equipped with extreme maneuverability. The swing of one turn to another requires no effort. And once on the angle, no matter the angle taken, it is foolproof stability. Nothing comes the disturbing! And just a pulse on the handlebars to correct the trajectory. The sensation to body with the bike is real. Agility and stability are at the rendezvous, and yet, these two notions are often incompatible with the other.

And finally, it can easily wonder if a similar beast of power can be fit to the touring. The question is legitimate. After a day of testing, can be answered by the positive. Without losing any of its qualities dynamic and sporting, the Multistrada is a trail-road comfortable and ergonomic. The driving position, the protection offered by the fairings, the part-cycle of quality, the smoothness of the engine in the first part of the tachometer, Adaptive Headlights S model, handlebars as touring package, the fluffy and the width of the saddle, the generous volume of luggage,  all favorable to smoothly travel, alone or with a passenger.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S 2015 Test as sporty and Comfort Review

In this test in Lanzarote, it has been possible to venture off the beaten track, time for a photo shoot. This was an opportunity to see how is doing this Multistrada whose vocation is rather road that cross-country, in the image of many cars of type SUV, such as the Audi Q3 shown in the gallery below, for example. Expertly aided by traction control and the profile of the Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2, the “driving” Multistrada rather well and has no concern to plot on the sandy paths. However, its ground clearance and the deflection of his suspensions, all two reduced, will prevent the outbursts on really rugged paths. However, despite its 17-inch wheels, she knows to manage with honor and that is what he will be asked, nothing more!

Winding up the Our Test as Conclusion is :

The Ducati Multistrada is a true object of desire, moreover, delivers incredible performance in the category of the maxi-trails without neglecting high security with an army of electronic sensors which ensure the grain at any moment. It is also distinguished by its versatility: a bomb of efficiency when we are squeezed like a quiet when strength now is in the ride. Ducati affirms once again its supremacy among the sports trails in registering new milestone.

Here are  test pictures of Ducati Multistrada in the gallery below;



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