New Honda Max Crossrunner 2015

The sense of adventure to daily with dynamic, modern and charismatic presenting new  inherits the best of the VFR800F exceptional . Under a redesigned and streamlined design, it offers benefits premium combining technology and performance, engine V4 revisited, optimized ergonomics, accommodating suspension, traction control and ABS of series.

New Honda Max Crossrunner

New Honda Max Crossrunner 2015(1024 × 576)


Beautiful lines fluid and sports adventurer, the exceptional new adopted a minimalist but effective fairing which epure the silhouette and emphasizes its V4 engine.

Above the “beak” incisive, the optical block in “X” led is identified with the first glance and gives it a unique personality.

New Honda Max Crossrunner 2015


Already bright and flexible, the 782 CC V4 engine benefits even more variable distribution VTEC at low revs, this system operates only half of the 16 valves, and all of them at high speed. Advantages, a busy midrange and a torque curve 4 angry cylinder at the top of the towers. The figures speak for themselves: 78 kW to 10 250 rpm and 75 Nm to 8 500 rpm (95/1/EC).

2015 New Honda Max Crossrunner


Big asset security of the VFR800X, its traction series HSTC, adjustable on 2 levels and can be switched off avoids the blocking of the rear wheel. Thanks to the ABS sensors, it continuously compares the speed of the front wheels and rear; When the rate of skating of the latter exceeds a predefined value, it reduces the torque to maintain adhesion.

The braking is also all the advantages on his side, he acquires from new calipers 4-piston radial-mount atop two floating 310 mm front discs and a 256 mm rear disc. As a bonus, the ABS anti-lock is supplied.

VFR800 Max Crossrunner


Machine at the crossroads of the roadster and the trail, the exceptional new is agile, versatile, and comfortable and to empower,  rates increase by 25 mm at the front and 28 mm at the rear, with the guard on the ground at 165 mm Of more  the Monoshock to Pro-Link system and gas HMAS settle in preload and rebound, as well as the fork HMAS 43 mm tube.

High quality suspensions, supplemented by a new single arm swing in aluminium, lighter and stiffer in torsion.


On the exceptional series is particularly generous: Full LED lighting, heated handles, automatic shut-off of the indicators and adjustable seat on two heights (815 / 835 mm), all elements in the service of comfort and security.

Honda Max Crossrunner

Redesigned dashboard information stand out on the screen backlight by white LEDs. Speedometer and tachometer share space with committed report consumption with autonomy indicators and temperature gauge, watch edge and different counters. A witness also displays the allure of heating of handles 5 possibilities. Finally, a new ignition key minimizes the risk of breakage while emphasizing the qualitative aspect of the machine.


All these characteristics are indicative and subject to change without notice. Data from tests performed by Honda in the WMTC standards.

These tests were conducted by a single driver, on the open road and with a standard model without optional equipment extra. Fuel consumption may vary depending on your riding style, maintenance made to the vehicle, weather conditions, the State of the roads, the pressure of the tyres, the presence of accessories, the load, the weight of the crew and many other parameters.

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