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Yamaha Will Be in WSBK as Private Team

While its new R1 is a bomb on board technology, of origin at the level of the deployed machines such as Kawasaki, Aprilia and Ducati WSBK, the manufacturer preferred to overlook the 2015 campaign.

Yamaha Will Be in WSBK as Private Team
Yamaha Will Be in WSBK as Private Team (670 × 446)

Yamaha does not align its new R1 in WSBK on this year and this for two reasons, the first is the priority for the firm to the three tuning forks to regain the MotoGP title and the second is for reasons of cost, from subsidies of the DORNA TV rights are widely less generous in WSBK and MotoGP.

That’s why Andrea Dosoli, the new head of the program competition, MotoGP Yamaha, prefer to use a structure already present: “I would be more than happy that Milwaukee Yamaha can pass in World Superbikes, because they do a great job in British Superbikes. We will do our utmost to support next year if they want to go in world.”

As a reminder, the R1 has an electronic central unit close to that of the M1, it is notably equipped with a gyroscope and allows control on the 3 axes. In addition, fractured head titanium connecting rods provide a notable advantage over the power that can develop the engine and taking tours.

Glad to see Yamaha back in WSBK in 2016 and especially with which team.

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