Future “baby” BMW 2016

For once, not to mention photo stolen but rather well orchestrated marketing: after having suggested a few weeks its roadster of small-displacement out well in 2015, BMW left innocently to be photographed in the final phase of dynamic validation.

Future "baby" BMW 2016

Future “baby” BMW 2016 (574 × 382)

The photo is too bad to be published but we recognize a very close figure of the Drakken concept unveiled by the Indian TVS Motor last year, which allows us to extrapolate a photo montage which should be very faithful to reality.

For the absent-minded, remembered that TVS will produce licensed this BMW in India, like Bajaj did for KTM with the small Duke. Between the Duke 390 and this baby BMW, commonalities are also many… Frame tubular steel trusses, a single-cylinder water-cooled whose displacement should be between 300 and 400cm3 and exit a good quarantine of horses, a pair of17-inch wheels, probably 110, wide at the front and150 at the rear, an inverted fork and a simple disc brake at the front.

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