Suzuki Katana New Jack by Icon 1000 World’s Bike

If we know that Suzuki bump on the offspring of the Katana, Icon 1000 Americans now come from throwing their sights on a 1982 model and that is what they did.

Suzuki Katana New Jack by Icon 1000 World's Bike

suzuki katana new jack by icon 1000 (930 × 618)

Suzuki Katana 1982

Suzuki Katana 1982 was a car ahead of its time; Nippon-Saxon gamble on style spaceship to jump start offers Suzuki Dour. Thirty years later, the Katana is the child darling of the ball, but in the 1980s, little interest in the dance with the Lady of money. The Katana, in the form of shares, is an acquired taste. His diminutive frame, headlights rectangular, clumsy and tank seat sofa ‘ esque is a mixture of this sowing discord. Not a superbike or sportbike, left a note on the side of dull in the history of the bike’s performance.

Here a Video Clip as Suzuki Katana New Jack by Icon 1000 Test Drive :

NEW JACK is the interpretation of 1000 icon of what could have been; a possible future. Built within the limits of our headquarters in Portland, USA back Jack a variety of late model usera for Kat as a garnish. An engine operator, transplanted a Suzuki Bandit, provides a simple but effective than horses. As is often the case, large engines expose major structural problems. As a result, the new Jack was triangulated with 1/4 “plate to maintain the fragile distance.” Modern suspension superbike, arms swinging and a complete overhaul of brakes to help keep the rest of the race, 5 by five.

Suzuki Katana New Jack by Icon 1000 World's Bike

suzuki katana new jack by icon 1000 with model girls in style(805 × 539)

The Katana, it’s ancient history since the model had its moment of glory in the 1980s. If it would appear that Suzuki currently bump on a possible return in the range, the small guys at Icon 1000 come to spend a few hours of their time on a maturity 82, for a result that gives only a craving, take orders…

Suzuki Katana New Jack by Icon 1000 World's Bike

suzuki katana new jack by icon 1000 right side view (899 × 593)

This New Jack is the interpretation of the Katana by Icon 1000. Entwined in its part-cycle, the preparer of Portland are injected a four cylinder in-line of 1 200 cm3 from a Bandit. If this engine is not the most expressive, it at least has the merit to be full over the entire range of system. For the rest, this Suzuki Katana New Jack enjoys a specific chassis, an arm oscillating banana reverse and reinforced with a high damping range with two handsets spring-shock absorber at the rear and Nissin braking reviewed by EBC. For the rest, we invite you to watch the video and the photos available in the portfolio.

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