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KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

If KTM pulls this year its range of road trails up with the Super Adventure 1290, the Austrian manufacturer don’t forget to open it also down with a 1050 Adventure accessible to the A2 license. Less powerful, less wealthy and less well equipped than its predecessors, this new 2015 remains relevant.

KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

Found on his handlebars orange DNA? You are not going to know immediately. After have entrusted us the keys of the new flagship 1290 Super Adventure – KTM we was invited, for our second day of test in Gran Canaria, to the handlebar of the 1050 Adventure. A “deflated” Adventure including coming to hunt on the lands of the Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom. A model important, therefore, for the Mattohofen firm that focuses on large volumes of sales in the first year.

But compared with the luxurious 1290, changing undeniably class with the entry for the family Travel Enduro. Because with more than €5 000 gap, a much less impressive staffing and 65 horses confined to stable (160 on the Super Adventure against 95 on the 1050), it must be admitted that the tester discusses this new road trail with one question in mind: low-end entry-level KTM? It remains to be seen.KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

Accessible Adventurer

Already in static first contact is quite promising. Indeed under the Sun of this island located off the southern coast of Moroccan, exceptional light highlights worked this 1050 new lines, the appearance virtually identical to that of the 1190 range.

The manufacture is nice, single colour black/orange (very KTM) hardly lends the flank to criticism. In short, with the exception of a few aesthetic details amount of back loop to the gross texture, sticks, saddle monobloc, retro wheels round, large masks, the bike remains rewarding.

KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

And reserve of Moreover a very good home. Already, lower seat height – 850 mm, or 10 fewer than on the 1190 – is also significantly more tapered at its base than other models Adventure. It gives the 1050 a surplus of accessibility. Also for the overlap, Yo from calf is easy, the rear being too elevated.

There’s then a wide handlebar, conferring with immediately good feel in control. You can even set the positioning of the hanger, such as the foot, on 10 mm. In original configuration, if with my 1.83 m I have open arms and perfectly straight bust, it is clear that my legs are pretty folded as it is a road trail.

A well urban KTM

It notes with ease this 1050 its side stand (no central, even optional). All full facts, i.e. 20 kg less than the Super Adventure, the lever arm offered by the wide handlebar and good turning radius with 230 kg, cut engine man oeuvres are easy. So there is also better support on the ground.

Ignition! The V-twin shakes in a sound breathable vitamin C, cavernous and a little metal, typical of LC8 of his elders. The block cube less, certainly, but not less charismatic nonetheless with these beautiful climbs in regime. Yum!

KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

In urban development, if the handlebar width leads to redouble their vigilance to sneak between the cars, we appreciate the reply suave, direct and perfectly manageable ride by wire. The balance of this homogeneous bike is also an asset as his agility.

There is indeed much easier to walk in the town, pass the roundabouts to short-range or change direction quickly. Getting started is really easy: what strengthen the feeling of confidence of novices, 1050 Adventure is indeed eligible for the A2 license with its 37 kW kit

Improved comfort and protection

Before returning to the mountains, a passage on fast track reveals some of this new 1050 and first protection faults. Certainly, after benefiting from the Super Adventure 24 hours earlier, the comparison is necessarily cruel. But objectively, if we are delighted to have an easily adjustable bubble rolling, we still regret a lack of protection for the top of the body from the more than 100 km/h, same bubble at the highest.

Highway enthusiasts, therefore, must opt for Touring Windscreen for the Powerparts catalogue, in order to protect itself from the turbulence. And if they are susceptible of buttocks, it will also consider to change the seat of origin distils a comfort saddle, rather firm.KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

At legal speeds, there is wound at midrange without annoying vibration, the usual Beach between 3 500 and 6000 RPM. On the first three reports, on little substantially down below this threshold on a net of gas, but on the last three, the knocking incite rapidly falling speeds.KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

Loss of horses? Solutions exist

The first of the 4 000 rpm, 1050 CC LC8 is not stingy with couple and, as his injection is very well calibrated, it enjoys a good approval. Despite the 95 horses announced by the sheet, occasions and reminders remain compelling, at least until the fateful 6 000 tr bar / min. there, the Austrian twin tows really and vibrates unpleasantly.

In the laces which we now operate at good pace, we must play more selector to spin the train of our opener. But as on other Adventure, the exercise is easy thanks to a sweet clutch control and a selection precise. As for the clutch equipped with a system anti – dribble, he never did we default on the phases of downshifting, even high in the towers.

In sport mode, it focuses more on pilot age, enjoying there still lots of agility to move fast patterns. Braking is powerful and progressive, the front and the back, little intrusive ABS, traction control we pretend sensitive enough conversely as soon as the coating deteriorates. However, all audiences are easily disconnect able through the selection of the left commodo command.

KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

On the supported phases, fork Unveils some flexibility in its first third, but thanks to its firmness limit, the rocking horse effect is perfectly mastered. With absorber of good invoice, performs a handling precision and irreproachable in the maintenance of cap. Tyres Metzeler Tourance Next, fine and high, have also brought us full satisfaction.

KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

Assessment: The good surprise

It is not bored riding the KTM 1050 Adventure, far from it! Despite its entry-level status, it is healthy and fun to fly sportingly, as very often with KTM. It is just as interesting for who wants to travel with. His “deflated” LC8 is not stingy with performance. It indeed provides an approval convincing to usual, although plans that its useful range is more limited than on the other models in the range.

However, remain a few questions at the end of this test. Indeed, once loaded luggage and a passenger, we think that the conquest of the mountain passes this 1050 will quickly show its limits. Also, what about its relevance clamped to 47.5 horses for the A2 license?

Whatever it is, the 1050 Adventure is definitely not a motorcycle at a discount: it is rewarding, and all similarly well-equipped, proof of this is inter alia its electronic staffing including the ride by wire, ABS, traction control and the three driving modes.

KTM 1050 Adventure Review 2015

Sold €12 990, it will find especially when faced with it a Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport (€12 590) significantly more road, but especially a Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom (€ 12 490) which has proven these (commercial) in 2014 with 761 units sold in the year. It is very likely that this KTM 1050 Adventure will more than shadow the big Japanese trail.

Here are some test pictures of KTM 1050 Adventure Review in gallery bellow.


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