Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT Test

Alternative choice to light tourers

Triumph introduced two variations of his Thunderbird in the year 2014. The Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT is for tourism “in the US” first to pass into our hands. Big torque, large windshield, saddle Pullman, compact bags: everything is provided for duet rides. Do you find an alternative choice to light US tourists?Triumph 1700 Thunderbird LT 2014

Leadership California, to get to the bottom

Installed at the controls of the new Triumph 1700 Thunderbird LT, I saw the landscapes which are present around me. from San Diego a few kilometers, the mountains seem to emerge from the flat desert. Opener Triumph through the sandbanks that attempt to invade the road, thus shattering the fines until they come crashing down on the large windscreen, to the impeccable protection. From time to time, colleagues take the wide time of a muscular recovery, history to break the rhythm of the ride of the day and to experience the big parallel twin. Internally, I think their experience is the topic  our test.

 Triumph Thunderbird Road Queen

In this context of tourism to the U.S., the Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT is an essential element of road. It is said that it is a nice fish of 380 kg in a huge State with superb roads. Finally, Triumph did not reason to intrude the highways of the ever-present Harley-Davidson with a motorcycle which incorporates the main principles, or even the aesthetic codes.

The Triumph Thunderbird LT undeniably evokes a Harley-Davidson Road King or a Heritage Softail because to be frank, engine architecture aside. It is found that Triumph Thunder is the mimicry of BMW. So Triumph has a remarkable quality and approval of use that is no less, the Thunderbird LT will have shown us its full potential during this trial run.LT 1700 triumph test

 Leaves concrete, vibration

Balanced at 700 mm, the saddle of the Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT has among the lowest in the market. But when we talk about its width, my seventy meter allows me to ask than the tips of boots on the ground. It is seemed that the ergonomics of the bike have received the greatest attention, and everyone will find his marks.

When I was trying to advance the engine LT cut, I found that the mass of the bike that borders on four quintals. I give up: both use the biggest production with 1,699 CC vertical twin and 107.1 mm diameter pistons excuse little. Unlike a Harley-Davidson, or a Moto Guzzi, Triumph Thunderbird LT leaves filter only little vibration, non-operating as rolling also. Though the sound seems duly legal but acceleration in neutral unveils deaf crackles.Tr Tbd LT 1700

When I approach one of the Thunderbird Storm of the framework I felt little disappointed. Without falling into excess this copiously creaks and rumbles on larger rotations of the right wrist.  Made verification, it is equipped with short mufflers of the Triumph catalog… for sale free and homologous. The people who are music lovers know what to do to make the voice to their LT Thunderbird.

Triumph the Easy cruiser

I launched me into traffic without any ergonomic constraints. With 1,665 mm wheelbase and 380 kg all full facts, there is nothing to be worried about, but the balance of the Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT makes forget these metrics. Handy at lower speeds, say from 15 km/h, the large cruiser Triumph freed easily urban driving. Rest the general congestion in many take into account.

The gearbox does hardly appreciate the handlings of girl, especially to engage first and then jump in second. Everything then returned in order, even more if you use the selector double-barreled, really tasty on this type of bike.triumph thunderbird  2014

To measure the impact of changes (exhaust, airbox, small update of cartography), I hasten to perform tests of accelerations, covers. Difficult to assess progress against the engine of Thunderbird Storm, but found known feelings of big torque generating immediately available to low and substantial. Quickly, I hold on the last report to better appreciate the times all the way down.

Under 80 km per hour, the parallel twin sings a song entered to the seed of the bikers music lovers “pla-pla-pla” fact the twin with the sandstone of the times. Sound and, the force of the occasions draw a banana under my sunglasses. Nevertheless, the desire to fly in as plans – practice appreciated in the Seraglio of the large cruisers, less by the caste of mechanics… – does not so urgent as to the handlebars of a Big twins of the MoCo. Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT disapproves not exercise, although on the contrary, but it is more dynamic.

 Excellent braking, handling, remuneration

A vitality that we will have the opportunity to check throughout the day. The spokesperson of Triumph announced handling, braking and comfort treated: they said true. Cape Town is about to say excellent, including the few times where we were able to roll at ‘European’ pace.

Certainly, the direction is not as precise and rigid as a Victory Cross Roads, but is very well placed the Thunderbird LT at sustained speed and it does no fright in tight laces. Obvious more agile, the Triumph supports trajectory corrections and swallows the S without major difficulty, however flirting with the boundaries of the ground clearance.Triumph LT Thunderbird

Braking, side the Brembo calipers give a beautiful power of deceleration, always dosed and it appreciated the initiation of ABS, much more gradual and late most of the customs. Maybe some would have liked to have a coupled braking: question of taste. But the best of surprises comes probably from the comfort.

The saddle triple density demonstrated a comfort and a continuation of first order, probably what is best in the genre, putting forward a drawing which seems to suit all. Finally welcome the excellent protection. Therefore, the discretion of the vibration becomes almost an asset.thunderbird

Depreciation is also a real highlight of this cruiser. With generous travels for the category, the Thunderbird LT digests as well deep holes than Groove. This has as much comfort as the security with a motorcycle which absorbs a hole while she rubs on the angle more than 80 km/h. At the time, the stop at the pump, with more than 270 km in the legs and under the effect of jet lag, I still has a wonderful freshness.

 Credit to result on effective and comfortable Cruiser

Uniform behavior, not stingy big couple, always comfortable regardless of the course, the new Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT is a dynamic success. It has very few shortcomings of equipment cruise control, tachometer, and lights but also numerous cross inscribed in the right boxes.

Is it enough to make it a must-see cruiser?

Legitimate, in any case, it is. It appears even in relevant alternative to the tenors of the category, with a sale price that is sobering. At US$24115, she makes the same services as a Harley – Davidson Road King Classic US$31476 for the price of a Harley-Davidson Switchback US$23978. And unlike the Japanese competition, it doesn’t have to be embarrassed of the logo on his fuel tank.

I hope you enjoyed and secure to test info of Triumph Thunderbird 1700LT and its beautiful pictures and images.

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