Suzuki C1500T by Motorcycle and Kikishop Custom Leuk

Suzuki Corp. wants to show it’s the C 1500 T may also constitute an excellent base to design a completely custom. Thus, Suzuki France has entrusted to two French trainers realize special versions of Suzuki’s C1500T.

Suzuki C1500T KikiShop

Suzuki C1500T KikiShop 2015

The specification included strict rules: base clearly identifiable mechanics and observance of the General line of the motorcycle and its ergonomics to stay driveable. These two bikes will be exhibited on 27 to 29 June 2014, during the next Show Bike in Montalivet.

Suzuki C1500T Spirit bagger Motorcycle

Suzuki C1500 T the François Lecomte, Leuk motorcycle, has endeavored to give a bagger look to the big Japanese custom. Rather successful, this custom/touring interpretation inherits a mini ape-hanger and pure fender. The rigid side panniers complete the ensemble.

Suzuki C1500T Leuk Motorcycle

Suzuki C1500T Leuk Motorbike

Kikishop Custom as The Barry Sheene Intruder

Jérémie Magri, the second tuner, alias “Kikishop Custom” attached to infuse a spirit ‘Racer ‘. Nothing like a well thought-out plan and a painting out straight from the 70’s circuits and inspired by certain Barry Sheen to reach the target is gone in a different direction with a most wicked style, orange, red and black colour that recalls the paintings of Barry Sheene racing bikes, pilot among the more rock’roll of Continental Circus.

Suzuki C1500T KikiShop

Suzuki C1500T KikiShop 2015

The universe of the custom is at the heart of trends and good challenger, Suzuki wanted to meet this challenge with the help of two young French preparers.

The mission was to size Three weeks of intense work, a good specification defined appearance of the recognizable engine and unchanged all by reinterpreting the design and the lines of the bike which must be drivable and a specific project for each tuner.

According to François Lecomte “Leuk Motorcycle”, had the mission of transforming the Intruder C1500T in touring bagger “which is more consistent with the original concept of this bike cut out for long walks.


The result is simply surprising that successful challenge . Suzuki France therefore invites you to discover these two unique models and swap with two processors present in events.


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