Honda VFR 800 F Motorcycle Details 2014

Who missed the Honda VFR800F in the model program, can rejoice: as of now, the popular model is back in the price list. The engine has been revised, the design is successfully clearly and the middle-class sports tourer there remains virtually without competition.

Honda VFR800f 5

Honda VFR800f 5

As so often, may you fooled by images. Usually the photos ended the actual objects enormously, as well we can see various flawless models on the posters. Since flab are way retouched and applied so much mask, that her own boyfriend in the early no longer recognizes Abgeschminkt. Sometimes, very rarely it happens but also the other way around, because something in the photo looks not so great and works really well then in Natura.

This is what happened with the new VFR800F, presented the Honda in Spain. The first images were mainly due to the front a most boring motorbike suspect me, so the angle from which the VFR was photographed was unhappy. Even more beautiful then the surprise when I her for the first time personally Aug in Aug to stand: the full LED lights easy light X-shaped premiere at Honda! 1199 remember less of the big sister VFR1200F as on the Ducati Panigale – what is certainly not completely unintended by the designers.

Honda VFR800f white side view

Honda VFR800f white side view

Also the branch line continues unexcited sleek and elegant, on the flanks, the VFR history is kindly celebrated by the small air inlets, which finding was already on the first generation of VFR over 20 years ago. Very consistent that only when the exhaust was already brave the VFR800F, the highly misplaced, Spacey mufflers of the predecessor differ now a side-mounted single pot, which politely said leaves much room for the tuning industry. After all, it saves weight, together with a lighter aluminium rear frame, weighs the new wheels and various improvements the new VFR800F with 239 pounds whole 10 kg fully fuelled less than the predecessor.

Here are Honda VFR800F action drive pictures in gallery bellow.

The engine is an old acquaintance, however the 782 cubic large V4 engine has been thoroughly revised. Especially the VTEC system now shows itself at its best. The idea itself wasn’t so bad even when its predecessor: In the lower speed range, the torque is optimized with two valve technology, for maximum performance out will be brought at the top with four-valve technology. However, the implementation was so far pretty unhappy, at just under 7000 RPM a Jolt through the machine was the predecessor, almost as if a turbocharger would not just very wholesome intervene spontaneously – a harmonic power delivery.

Honda VFR800F

Honda VFR800F

So that’s enough now, with the new Honda VFR800F you noticed the VTEC system thanks to the revised electronics only thing that the machine from 7000 RPM better attract, without becoming brute. The power figures, indicating Honda for the VFR800F are thus human: she should make 106 Horsepower at 10.250 rpm, the maximum torque of 75 nm is at 8500 RPM. That is hit while anyone from the stool, fits very well to a sport-tourer in the mid-range segment and at least the VFR800F thanks to its typical V4 character makes a strong impression.

In particular, it convinces with its great sound, the V4 engine is already in the lower speed range pithy and the muffler roars pleasantly, at exactly 7000 rpm the VFR800F kill but again a switch, which is washed. From then on, the sound is still rough and rugged is final until only at about 12,000 rpm. All of course in the context of how it is appropriate for a touring motorcycle from Honda – just a very sporty tourer.

A cool cockpit gear display and all important information including large analog tachometer in the Middle – awarded with readable. Strong and well adjustable brake – in this price class of course radial mounted and equipped with ABS.Honda VFR800f black

The seating comfort and the suspension settings meet the requirements of a sporting ALLROUNDER; wind protection is designed for long distances at highway speeds…

Of course the position on the new VFR800F is therefore convenient, the handlebar is slightly higher and moves a little closer to the driver, the new saddle is pleasantly soft and the windshield is high enough to protect the driver well in highway tempos. As well, the suspension focuses on comply with a sports dug, that iron too soft to have bumps very well off without 43 mm Telescopic fork and the rear shock absorber (whose prestressing can be conveniently set via rotary knob). It is amazing that the comparatively heavy VFR800F goes even quite handy to curves, if also the wheelbase with 1460 mm on the long journey are VFR 800F beautiful color variant

Full security package with ABS and TC

The new VFR800F with a comprehensive security package is equipped so that neither bends nor on straight mishaps happens. The brakes with radial mounted Tokico four-piston caliper and ABS as standard works as expected sovereign, the sports tourer Gets a traction control, which can easily be deactivated via well available, large button on the handlebar, without difficulty in any menus need to rummage around in addition – so be it.Honda VFR800f left side view

The Honda engineers are very proud finally their even back the flasher – which by itself turns off, simply said. However, the technology is behind it really impressive: front – and Hinterad naturally have the same speed in tight corners, the rear wheel is always a little “lazy” and has a shorter range. This marginal difference constitutes the electronics and switches off as soon as both wheels have the exact same speed again, the flasher. In addition the system incorporates the calculation with even the Geschwindigkeiti n, under 50 km/h of the indicators will be disabled after 120 meters, over 50 km/h after seven seconds.

Conclusion get out to deep review of Honda VFR800F

It is basically again the rigorous requirements for the Honda engineers, that was made with the VFR800F a so successful device on the wheels. The concept fits, both performance and comfort are matched to the Sporttouring middle class. It is difficult to make comparisons with the competition – namely hardly has the VFR800F. Other sport touring are stronger, unwieldy and weigh finally even more. Most likely, the new VFR800F can be throw F 800 GT in a pot with the BMW, but two cylinders and the extensive electronics package, with the Honda scores also are lacking this.

 Here are Honda VFR800F spec details pictures in gallery bellow just take a look:

I hope you got some more useful detail about the Honda VFR 800 F 2014 and you enjoyed to its beautiful pictures.

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