Honda VFR 800 F vs BMW F 800 GT

Honda VFR 800 F intends to shine in 2014 the values of sport GT. But BMW contrasted with the F 800 GT that equivalent displacement, promises at least equal versatility for a competitive price. Then V4 or twin parallel? We answers your questions with a big competition.

Honda VFR 800 F vs BMW F 800 GT

bmw f800gt vs honda vfr800f test

A high-end and institutional GT sport still has its place on the French motorcycle market in 2014? We decided to answer this question by offering two comparisons between the new Honda VFR 800 F to its main only? Competitors BMW F800GT.

During the first confrontation, the Honda had some difficulties facing the Kawasaki Z 1000 SX and its engine steeped in qualifications. This time, we put him in the legs BMW F 800 GT, which was a pretty successful from BMW dealers: 249 units in late May against 278 new VFR.

On paper, the BMW is less efficient, less flamboyant and somewhere less statutory that the very renamed Honda. But in practice, every day, on the road, at the pump… what will happen? Find a solution: in the saddle!

Maneuverability for the BMW F 800 GT

Static comparison of our two motorcycles could quickly turn short. Of course, Honda VFR 800 F is a beautiful motorcycle, pretty racy, very rigorously finished. But the BMW F 800 GT, presented here in a color almost as dashing as his dashboard, advance its own arguments.

The Assembly is impeccable while some details are big points: door-package very well designed and equipped with tie-down hooks, more accessible damper adjustment wheel, and final drive belt maintenance free. The F800GT defends himself on the side of practice.

And on the side of ergonomics, it takes the comparison. Highest saddle than VFR 800 mm, the BMW presents more great finesse in the crotch, allowing also to apply to the average templates. The position, thanks to the handlebar wide enough way to roadsters, is more relaxed than on the Honda and this, despite our test VFR optional enhancers.

BMW F800GT  full view

BMW F800GT full view

In town, there immediately the superior maneuverability of the lighter BMW of 23 kg than the Honda. The more flexible twin helps also in urban cycle. Remains to the VFR 800 F a gearbox way Swiss Watch, which does not catch the boot, while presenting a selector race short and always accurate.

Vibration 1.3 l/100 km less with the F 800 GT

As soon as the horizon of releases and those channels multiply, our Duelists highlight to their respective capabilities. It was to be expected, but the more generous bubble of the BMW offers the best protection, without creating more turbulence.

Having said that, beyond the legal speed, Honda VFR 800 F shows more comfortable, because of its position toggled on the front which promotes the aerodynamics. Also, the Honda mechanics contains much better vibration while they show quite sensitive on the BMW to 130 km/h, representing almost 5 000 rpm.

As during the match against Kawasaki Z 1000 SX, the rather modest revivals of the VFR 800 F to lower and midrange do is reveal that in direct confrontations, launching side by side.

2014 Honda VFR800F Side view

2014 Honda VFR800F Side view

110 km/h in sixth or output pin on a too high report, BMW takes the ascendant, more or less permanently at the approach of its maximum torque 5728 RPM. But Honda VFR 800 F waiting for his time and a more dynamic use to rebuild.

In short, can quite long distances riding these two sports GT. And the nearby range of 300 km will then not be a constraint. Largely what surveying areas preserved without fear failure dry. However the BMW argues a more favorable average consumption: count 4.8 l / 100 km on average during our run against 6.1 l / 100 km for the Honda VFR 800 F and its two additional cylinders. The energy efficiency of engines BMW confirmed again.

The Honda VFR sounds the charge at high speed!

If a sport GT must shoot down per kilometer in comfort class, it must also enjoy sporty driving. There, the Honda VFR 800 F found colors, while the smile wins little by little the face of his driver.

It begins with a particularly fond V4 long acceleration thanks to its distribution VTEC. Beyond 6 500 rpm, it sounds the load with the reinforcement of eight of its 16 valves. The air box valves all open to 8,000 rpm, add to the sporty atmosphere while the sense of traction on the arm increases until the entrance to the red zone.

honda  VFR800F drive

honda VFR800F drive

This behavior turns out to be quite enjoyable sports driving and the winding roads that allow playing high speed box, having a taste of come back there!

In the wake of the Red Honda, the gray BMW follows the pace through the liveliness of his twin. More than sufficient in terms of performance, the German engine shows less exuberant in sport mode. Its twin offers a sound and duller accelerations, accusing a deficit of 15 horses.

However, to swallow various sequences of turns, the BMW F 800 GT relies on a very successful chassis. The trade-off between stability line and agility is enough bluffing and who knows, maybe better finally what offers the Honda.

Honda VFR800F

Honda VFR800F

If some corners claim commitment to the guiding of the latter, it is less the case aboard the BMW, most obvious in turn triggering as in change of trajectory.

A less precise BMW F 800 GT

On the other hand, the Honda VFR 800 F proved to be more accurate. There are more the impression of being on a sports car to his handlebars. Once riveted on its trajectory, the VFR moves more, bringing a greater sense of security in curve. The braking to adjust its speed more accurately on the BMW F 800 GT.

BMW F800GT review

BMW F800GT review

In addition, the outbreak of ABS serially on two motorcycles is less transparent on the BMW, generating more rebound in the brake pedal. The calculator Honda seemed thinner.

The amortization of the Honda Showa suspension quality is also superior to what offers the BMW. Small bumps and strong cuts are better absorbed by the Honda, which must, however, deal with a weight all full made higher.

And this premium amortization also plays its role to the level of comfort going. The passenger will probably prefer the more capacious saddle and handles better drawn of Honda, although the first world manufacturer could garnish rubber footrests back its GT sports.

Test  Honda VFR800F

Test Honda VFR800F

 Balance sheet:

Sport Honda against pragmatic BMW

At the time of the assessment, it must be recognized that the performance ratio overall engine/chassis leans on the side of the Honda VFR 800 F. In this, it stays true to the sport genes GT of his lineage to propose a still subtle blend of road comfort and first-rate performance.

Nevertheless, we must accept the use of its a little nonchalant mechanics at low revs and its more sporty than the BMW F 800 GT position. Sold US$ 17040, Honda VFR 800 F series offers a beautiful staffing of equipment: ABS, traction control, stands Central, adjustable saddle, integrated support of suitcases, handlebars.

Cheaper in standard definition (US$14475), the BMW F 800 GT requires to choose comfort and safety options packs to compete in terms of equipment. The rate reached then US$16037.

bmw f800gt vs honda vfr800f

bmw f800gt vs honda vfr800f

The BMW may, however, rely on a lower consumption and the tranquility of its final transmission by belt use. Aspects that will seduce probably more pragmatic more concerned about the general approval of the performance.

I hope you enjoyed to know about the two big roadster and comparison Honda VFR 800 F vs BMW F 800 GT. Let us to know about yours views regarding this competitor test in bellow.

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