Honda F6C 2014 Motorcycle Test

Despite the crisis, Honda is no shortage of ideas. For example, use the GL 1800 for, almost shot on one platform, to draw the bagger F6B and the heiress of the cult Valkyrie custom. With the 2014 F6C, Honda intends to enjoy its sumptuous 6 cylinders to those who are not yet?

honda f6c valkyrie

honda valkyrie f6c

Honda’s Roll in GoldWing the ride of the Valkyrie

The Honda GoldWing has a sumptuous road during long, a high range land yacht powered by that atypical as noble mechanics Since 1975, who over generations, has erected the comfort of edge to the absolute priority.

But is no longer this philosophy sufficient today, since Honda has had the good sense to decline its GL 1800 in bagger with the F6B. And it is not over yet: the world number 1 continues its approach with a brand-new F6C, which takes over – finally – of the late 1500 Valkyrie.

honda f6c Valkyrie

honda f6c Valkyrie ready for test

Honda F6C Flat 6 Cruisers

Those who have experienced the first F6C probably will not see the relationship with this new incarnation. More question of versatile custom: 2014 remix takes a much more dynamic, eventually close the incredible turn Rune never officially imported from us.

Side line, Honda did not pull with the back of the spoon. From the front, the new F6C is simply monstrous! And if some will regret that Honda has decided to abandon the sportiness of the Evo6 concept, the new F6C is ultimately an aesthetically original motorcycle… and frankly seductive driving.

Certainly, it is necessary to take the measure of the beast: 2.47 m long, 1 707 mm wheelbase, 341 kg all full facts! Fortunately, the saddle at 73.4 cm will make the smile to the dwarves, while neat ergonomics will allow the Giants to cram their rods. But regardless of its size, more placed on sitting in it, we discover that stripped as massive motorcycle.

honda f6c

honda f6c test

Concerto in Honda F6C flat emits

Pressing the magic button already allows to enjoy the asset number 1 of the F6C new age. Even if the volume if still too legal proves to the ears of some concertgoers, six cylinder flat emits a sound full and velvety. Thanks to three outputs two silencers!

Although that relaxed by Honda having regard to the “urban” vocation of the craft – hydraulic control of the clutch is still shows a firm hair at first glance. Nothing serious, however: in the long term, the Valkyrie 2014 does not suffer the left hand.

Inevitably, the barge of the Honda F6C template requires a lot of precautions. Very quickly, we review the asset number 2 of the power cruiser Honda: a balance bluffing at low speed. The GoldWing is already considered one of the most amazing motorcycles on this point: lean of 80 kilos, the F6C become almost agile!

honda f6c drive

honda f6c test at highway drive

In fact, we surveyed the major boulevards without bile, much helped by the remarkable flexibility of six-cylinder which resumed at 1 000 RPM in 5th. And once launched on the road, there are the other dynamic capabilities of the beast. And we are not disappointed!

Massive Attack of Honda F6B

The Honda F6B was already amazing dynamism: the new F6C shows yet more toned. In fact, it is question of weight / power / torque: lighter, stronger, accelerates limit how dragster. Our friend and colleague Pat Greenwood let go: “they changed gear ratios? EH well not, although the question deserves to be asked!

The rear tire – 180/55 x 17 – reasonable size therefore has strong to do with 16.7 daN.m developed at 4 000 rpm only. In fact, we take quickly to the game and it takes the big Honda enthusiastically on the small roads. And this as the behavior is clearly strict. Incentive limit, the F6C quickly distance the Honda F6B and CTX 1300 present during this test between Saint Tropez and the Gorges du Verdon.

The ground clearance suitable for a cruiser and the accuracy of placement are certainly part of strengths new Valk. While the brutal changes in cap, a F6B pump on its supports, the F6C remains unfazed. It is obvious: those who want to enjoy sporting pleasures with the mechanics of the Gold will be delighted.

honda Valkyrie

honda Valkyrie

Honda F6B Quiet Strength, Sport Comfort

The other side of the F6C 2014 is undoubtedly the great compromise it household between muscular and conducted appeased piloting. Here, six cylinders made stall of its qualities. Filling out standard and the quiet strength that it expresses allows all uses.

Cross a village at 1 000 RPM in 5th, double climb to 70 km/h with a simple rotation of the wrist and on the same report, smoking rear tire at start up: this flat-6 can do everything. And above all, it allows to ride “almost legal” looks like without frustration. A punch line today.

Side comfort, in the absence of protection, we appreciate soft saddle and the agreement of the Showa suspensions, making the hand that in large side comfort, in the absence of protection, we appreciate the soft saddle and the agreement of Showa suspensions, making the hand than in the large holes. To test the comfort of the passenger, I climb behind Sebastian Gimbert. What will allow me to see which can trap the fingers in the passenger handles, but that the saddle is sufficiently comfortable?

honda f6c two exausht

honda f6c two exausht

Despite a steering while strained trajectories and metric determination of the throttle grip, I was able to fully measure the strength of the engine behind the Honda in world of Endurance rider. No doubt: the new F6C passengers must cling!

Stock Honda F6C 2014 the Price of Originality

It’s obvious: Honda will not be able to cook his flat six in all sauces. Frankly, you imagine in a big trail, this engine? But for once, grafting took perfectly.

Honda Valkyrie Goldwing

Honda f6c Valkyrie Goldwing

Rigorous and balanced, the Honda F6C vintage 2014 offers outstanding performance and driving pleasure faithful to the reputation of his incredible mechanics. The comfort is even at the venue, for little that the highway steps remain short.

With this new Valkyrie, Honda frankly rejuvenates the image of the GoldWing and proposes a relevant variation. Full carton then? Not quite, because some equipment missing. As the access ticket is not given.

Honda F6C Valkyrie

Honda F6C GoldWing the ride of Valkyrie

At US$2, 9505, Honda F6C competes with a Ducati Diavel (US$ 2, 4592) more modern design or as charismatic motorcycles like the Triumph Rocket III (US$ 2, 4320) or the Yamaha 1700 Max (US$3, 0575). The finding heavy Honda F6C in the end.

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