Honda CTX 1300 A 4th Generation Motorcycle

If we want to draw attention to a market of healthy custom, should stand to the Harley-Davidson reference. Honda so tries a bet dared with its 2014 Honda CTX 1300 to the quirky aesthetic.

honda CTX1300

2014 honda CTX1300

TO understand the presence of this Honda CTX 1300 at the first world manufacturer’s catalogue should relocate the context in which it landed. The market of custom is it in France, in Europe or in the world, is doing pretty well. But when one causes custom, the first brand that comes to mind, this is Harley-Davidson. A builder who maintains a strong leadership of 110 years of experience barely begun by the Victory, Indian or other confidential and elitist brands, such as Saxon, Big Bear, Head banger on one side, and a slew of Japanese machines that do that copying the original improving Sometimes on the other.

Honda CTX took the Option to Stand

Honda also tried his luck on this niche in the past more or less distant with the Rune which was a success of esteem, or the series of Shadow 125, up to the 750. But the latest version, the VT 750 Shadow C2B, replica of the Harley 883 Sportster, was more expensive than the original, and less well more importantly! Let us not forget the VT 1300 CX, known as Fury in the United States who, with his style of chopper, “found no audience” in France. So even if it means stay on this segment – understand that low machines, with a look picked up and equipped with an engine to the character-, Honda took the option to stand.

If some snigger at this attempt, we must recognize that at least Honda dares out of some normality. And do not remove this from the Japanese giant. This time, it does not copy, it imposes its style. Thence that the CTX is a mechanical revolution as Stylistics, there is that one does not cross those us. The Honda CTX 1300 indeed made the link between the CTX 700 unveiled this year and the GL 1800 F6B exit last year, and will attempt to conquer the amateurs of the genus, or a new kind.

ctx1300 honda 2014

ctx1300 honda

Developed on the basis of the Pan-European, the Honda CTX 1300 resumes the F6B stylistic codes. But if the latter suited the F6B, in the case of CTX, our feeling is more shared. This fairing little is that pure cosmetics and gives it a look of machine rather developed for a film of anticipation. But turn on the purely aesthetic considerations to take in hand this Honda CTX.

Low seat with 735 mm, it reveals itself accessible to the greatest number. Contact to start in a rather hushed sound V4 borrowed from the Pan-European – but revised to adapt to this new use. The power and torque have thus been reduced 84 horses against 106 and 10.1 mkg against 11.5 but are issued earlier. Suddenly, Honda even installed a traction control of series likely to control this passion at low revs. And if the V4 is available and reactive, it is also linear – as most engines Honda in recent years. Then of course, traction control can be used on wet ground, sometimes on the corner, but in this case figure, he could not be installed that we would not see large difference, which would further reduce the invoice.

Properly seated on a ground but wide saddle, is not particularly uncomfortable when begin man oeuvres at low revs to move the 338 kg combined with a wheelbase of 1,645 mm! However, once launched, the Honda CTX 1300 demonstrated certain agility and will takes quite easily. It must be said that the huge handlebar offers a serious lever arm. Note that the CTX playground is not located in downtowns bottled yet or on winding roads.

honda ctx1300 2014 test

honda ctx1300

Like all bikes to over-dimension, should “insist” to put it on the corner and especially to keep it there, otherwise to dangerously expand its trajectory. Forget the roads to degraded coatings: rear suspension returns lots of information at the bottom of the back, and the train before the fault of a front tire to the carcass maybe too hard absorbs not so defects in bitumen, which ripples through the handlebar and therefore your hands. If you remove all these possibilities  not to mention the circuit of course – the ideal playground of Honda CTX 1300, is a large straight. But that should be assessed at low speed.

honda ctx1300

honda ctx1300 2014

Because beyond 140 km/h, the microscopic bubble protects neither the head nor the bust. And beyond 110 km/h, it will be difficult to enjoy music issued by the audio system installed in series. It works with a USB or Bluetooth, allowing your reading list will display on the large scoreboard, readable and clear. The information scrolls by using handlebar control Kit placed on a large console located on the tank and surmounted by two small Cubbies, always handy. Less practical, these are the two side panniers, admittedly with a capacity of 37 liters, but not allowing to cramming a full-face helmet at the time to take a break.

Honda CTX1300 test with couple

Honda CTX1300 test couple drive

Verdict: Despite its playful series equipment audio system and practices handlebars, his offbeat style and his vigorous V4, the Honda CTX 1300 displays an invoice a little salty. Indeed, for US$ 24100, a slew of new machines and second-hand offer better for a tariff identical, or even lower Pan-European CB 1300 S at Honda, to mention that they. Even if the Honda CTX 1300 seems clearly thought for another market than that of the Hexagon, it will be available with us. And to say the least, is that the challenge of the constructor is dared.


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