Honda CB1100 Scrambler by CBO 2015

Many were who made force so the Honda CB1100 returned to Europe as a retro high performance alternative. Now, thanks to the concessionaire of Honda in France Challenge Big One (CBO) win a finished off-road’s most striking. The so-called Honda CB1100 Scrambler to respond to the new wave of retro motorcycles, and if with a camper o touch better.

Honda CB1100 Scrambler by CBO 2015

Honda CB1100 Scrambler by CBO 2015(1024 × 730)

It makes it through the following elements:

  • Hand-painting for the deposit.
  • Custom brown leather seat.
  • Retro mirrors.
  • Rear suspension by Ohlins.
  • Arrow sports exhaust.
  • Extra engine guards.
  • Knobby tires.

It is obvious that except the exhaust benefits have not touched and not have increased much with these details out performance track. But with the classic motorcycle, what matters most is the look. We will see if this preparation and the tendency of the market encourages Honda to get a more rugged version of the Honda CB1100.

Captivating Scrambler created on the basis of muscular naked of Golden wing: pity it’s just a ‘ one-off ‘ etc.. In the world of two wheels you’re witnessing a real revival of the phenomenon ‘ Scrambler ‘, a particularly constructive style born in the years ‘ 50-‘ 60 by modifying road motorcycle for use away from the asphalt. The most obvious manifestation of this back into vogue is the new Scrambler launched in autumn by Ducati-modern and revisiting the same glorious twin-cylinder model of 60 ‘s-but for some time now, in the varied world of custom, it was recorded in the clear increase in interest towards this type of bike.

The Big One, Honda dealer of buoys in the Aquitaine region-who decided to get a Scrambler by a model that, has decidedly little to do with the off-road: Honda CB1100.

Being so large, coarse and heavy (260 kg dry), the CB1100 cannot afford to deal with footpaths and Fords, and also his interpretation ‘ Scrambler ‘, in reality is not made to be worth between mud and rocks as you might guess from the low ground clearance.

Despite the presence of the ‘ anchors ‘, this Honda CB1100 Scrambler is more of an aesthetic exercise, working perfectly but it is better not to venture too far away from civilization.

However, if Honda would launch itself into the world may reap some Scrambler pickup.

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