Harley-Davidson have plane for produce an Electric Motorcycle

The Harley is a symbol of the open road and the Hades Seraphim’s. This looks like a watered-down version of all that is Harley-Davidson and America to some might be have plane to introduce its first electric motorcycle.

2015 Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle 2015

The bike has a much sharper look now, but the key specs are just the same, including a liquid-cooled 200-horsepower motor and a max range of 180 miles, depending on which battery option you choose. The weight of the battery causes it to be a heavy ride 225kg compared to some gas-powered superbikes out there, but what makes the Lightning stand out is the incredible torque delivered by its gear-less, direct drive internals.

harley brand

harley brand mark

The encyclopedic of a Harley-Davidson thriving depressed the street is unmistakable, however it’s eying like the Milwaukee-based motorcycle company might be going a bit softer with its next coming model. The sound it makes is kind of upsetting considering the trademark bar and shield badge attached.

The fictional two-wheeler doesn’t sport the typical rolling thunder synonymous with the American motorcycles, however instead it sounds like a jet-engine taking off as it screams past the camera, basically authorizing suspicions the interne’s had about an upcoming electric-engine hog. Whether it’ll best the Lightning LS-218 on the quarter mile remains to be seen.

The Lightning LS-218 avowals a model number that really resources something. Back in 2012, an example of the electric bike clocked in a exclusively superfluous yet much appreciated 218mph, helping it to win at Pikes Peak and setting it up to become the world’s firmest manufactured motorcycle.

The finished version is now ready to make good on that promise, having just been revealed at the Quail Motorsport Gathering in California, proceeding to a scheduled launch in the summer. Harley-Davidson’s a secretive video released on YouTube today demonstrations a motorcycle zooming down Route 66, fueling speculation that this bike is electric.

harley electric production motorcycle

harley electric production bike motorcycle

Harley-Davidson admirers remained already mistrustful after the folks at Visor Down leaked of one of the conceivable bikes on the set of the new Nemeses movie a few days previously.

Harley Davidson desinge

Harley Davidson Quarterly Profits Doubles

The Harley is a symbol of the open road and the Hades Seraphim. This looks like a watered-down version of all that is Harley-Davidson and America to some.

All of this is, of course, just speculation for now.

harley-davidson electric

harley-davidson electric motorcycle

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