Harley-Davidson 48 Maxitest Motorcycle

We collect each day of extensive information on all models in circulation in France, and even motorcycles coup from heart like the Harley-Davidson XL 1200 X Sportster Forty Eight.

With  its old school line and its atypical measurements, this bike rained for fans of brand, but also from many newcomers in the ranks of Motor Company.

harley-davidson 48 maxitest

harley davidson 48

Here are a few selected pieces of his Maxitest

This bike is a coup from heart after 5 years for 125 cm3, and finally, she takes easily to hand. “I measure 1.91 m, it goes to the level from legs, but comfort is more than summary!” Note that girls also creak for 48, a good sign for ease side behavior “should not ask the impossible. Filter bumps, it is not his forte, but it will guide easily and it brings from real sensations of conduct because it has not all these modern audiences.”

The engine part of charm: “this engine is beautiful, simply and in addition he is alive, even if the transition to stage 1 is recommended for taking his foot. After, it is a little archaic operation, such as for example the box of speed. However reliability is at the assignation, and it starts in the quarter in all weathers, it is a fake old!”

Maxitest Harley-Davidson

Maxitest Harley-Davidson 48

With its small tank side look, which makes you fissure, you raise an average autonomy from 96 miles for anaverage consumption of 5.75 l / 100 km. But as one of the maxitesteurs pointed out: “the autonomy is in connection with comfort!”

We presented here some rather exceptional about actuality of a survivor, like the Harley-Davidson Sportster forty eight has established to be in its fifty five years of survival.

The Harley-Davidson XL 1200 X Sportster Forty Eight is like a strong weather-beaten and astute old coot who has realized it all laterally the way. However this Harley-Davidson XL 1200 X Sportster  48 version just could be the serenest of the ration.

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