Gas Gas TXT Trial 2015

Gas Gas world today Unveils 2015 range TXT developments and major player present in the Trial. Many details are reviewed throughout the range but, above all, it should be noted an effort among other to the youngest with an 80 and a TXT 125 deeply magazines.

gasgas 2015

gasgas TXT 2015

After the rise of curtain on the Gas Gas Enduro range, these are new Trial 2015 of the Spanish manufacturer who arrive! Although that occupying a place at the top table in the Trial world, Gas Gas spares no efforts to offer a refined TXT 2015 range. the firm looks also with much attention on its small cars, since both models that the TXT 80 and 125 TXT receive important developments.

GAS Gas txt 2015

GAS Gas txt 2015

Gas Gas TXT Racing 2015

In the motorcycle race tried to found that what is changing occurred

• New handlebars, new protection and new handles

• New engine cooling fan

• Monobloc front brake caliper

• Tires Michelin X-11

• Connection of the exhaust tube review

• New water pump

• New kick

• New ignition cover

• New footrest

• Rear brake caliper “autostand”

• Crown FIM antiboue

• Reorganization of the electronic component

• New harness electrical

• New pipe for admission

2015 gasg txt

2015 gas gas txt

Gas Gas 125 TXT 2015

In the motorcycle Gas Gas TXT 2015 tried to found What is changing

• New cylinder head (Interior and exterior)

• Keihin carburettor with new pipe for admission

• Reviewed cylinder

• New crankshaft (engine crankcases and clutch, bearings and joints of vilo…)

• New flying magnetic and CDI

gasgas txt racing 2015

gasg txt racing 2015

Gas Gas TXT 2015 80

In the motorcycle Gas Gas TXT 2015 80 tried to found What type of changing has made

• New engine (cylinder head, cylinder, piston, crankshaft, housings…)

• New flying magnetic Hydria

• Carburettor Dell’orto 21 mm

• New water pump

• New kick

• New exhaust

• New handlebar

• New brake and clutch levers

• New fork and shock absorber Ollé

• Unification of component with line TXT: intermediate, silent, Chassis box air and tank

i hope you enjoyed to know about the new GAS GAS TXT 2015 and its beautiful images. Let us to know your views regarding this.

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