Ducati Monster 821 A Spiritual Motorcycle

Not so long ago, Ducati merely sell a roadster and a sports car. Since then, the brand diversified but the spirit of the Monster was a little lost. Conduct and style reaffirmed, equipped with the last technological strengths, this bike will no doubt appeal.

Draughtsman ship without surprise Ducati roadster

Ducati Monster 821 beautiful motorcycle
Ducati Monster 821 beautiful motorcycle

Visually, there are the key points of the form identity of a Ducati roadster: tubular motor and apparent frame highlighted, classical side position and single round headlight exhaust enthroned as a diamond between the two fork tubes. The tank became wider and more angular, but it’s to win autonomy and driving comfort.

The chassis tube part has been reduced on the new generation of Monster. Indeed, the motor is freestanding and supports part of the functions of the chassis. The bike won in lightness and rigidity. She has nearly doubled against the Monster 796. Price reduction requires, it is a conventional swingarm which binds the rear wheel to the rest of the bike. For a single, need to look at the 1200 version.

The exhaust system, only on the right flank, immediately reminds me of the Diavel, with his two tubes which join towards the foot of the driver to then end around the passenger’s footrest complete. The design of the muffler had already prefaced on the Monster 1100 Evo, it is not revolutionary but fits well with the general design of the machine.

ducati monster 821

ducati monster 821

Monster 821 as DCATSB, bag kick

Two times 3 letters, I have ABS and DTC, it pays not to Scrabble, but it changes quite a lot on the bike! Before say you more, let’s look at all the hardware that hides on the roadster.

The engine is a Testastretta 11 ° of second generation and displaying exactly 821 cm3 cylinder capacities. It is powered by electronic injectors of 53 mm bringing a slight gain of torque at low revs. Compared with a 796, Monster 821 displays an increase of 25 horsepower (112cv altogether) and a couple at 89.4Nm (+ 11Nm); But what is particularly interesting is that the peak of the curve is far as until then. This new generation is not more violent than the former by focusing on a more generous extension.

Braking is identical to the 899 Panigale, or maybe a little too biting for a beginner, but is better it than cardboard disks that make weapons at the slightest downhill. And then there is ABS, what to worry. Kayaba fork has been victim of hunting at extra cost by losing any option settings and the swinging arm is attached to a Sachs shock absorber adjustable in spring preload and rebound.

new Ducati Monster 821 Bar picture

new Ducati Monster 821 Bar picture

Argument of weight for short bikers on legs, the saddle is height adjustable original. From 810mm, by removing four shims, screws and moving up a notch in metal, the saddle can be found 25mm lower but slightly more inclined towards the front. As an accessory, one will also find a saddle – 20mm (so -45 from the origin) and even a model winner 40 mm. Is reached then the minimum of 745mm seat height, is lowest proposed by Ducati. They still thought to large that can go up to 830mm if necessary.

The dashboard instrumentation is also resumed the Panigale small, as well as the Hypermotard 821. The large monochrome display more than most but still not gauge guage or gear indicator. I believe tell each test, am I the only one who likes to have these info?

Ducati Monster Crazy ride on known Ground

For Ducati, no need to go try his motorcycles on the roads by the end of the world. The mountains nearby Bologna plant filled roads that engineers seem to love browse during the development phase of a new model.

It begins with get out of the city by browsing a mode of conduct to another and to quickly understand that even if it is called Urban I do me in use even not in the city. In difficult conditions, it probably brings something. In contrast to the daily, the Monster 821 loses its entire flavor. The acceleration is very quiet, power limited to 75cv and the slightest beginning of probable loss of grip Cup track immediately control gas.

Three blocks later, I went in touring mode. 112 horses are there but still a little sleepy. The DTC is set to the median value of 4 to 8 and does not interfere too much in the conduct. It is a very good basis for setting to begin to have fun on a road winding and borrowed at average speed. It was then that we arrive precisely on a first pass.

Ducati Monster drive action

Ducati Monster drive action

Mastered by Ride-by-wire, the engine leaves just returned from what out quickly a PIN, unless control of motor only puts its veto. Brake assist, can get rather clumsily. The second degree of the setting of ABS prohibits the blocking of the two wheels but allows reasonably relieving the back to reduce braking distance only.

The rate imposed by the guide of the plant increases and the distance between the curves is getting too short for 112 ponies can bridge the gap. Just select the sport mode!

Ponies against pure bloods, deal?

Throttle referring without filter information to the injection, the Testrastreta will finally give to the rear wheel. The DTC is set low, it is according to me just what it takes to have to quantify its curve extraction but escape with a short cut of gas if we were too optimistic. Always into now a trickle of gas on the corner, with a diet of approximately 4’500-5’000 rpm, the Monster literally leaps forward in a worthy of a supermotard brouhaha. Use, this is a success, only those who are not convinced by the look or searching performance will turn to Termignoni.

Braking ask him a little more finesse to be done in an optimal way. There is more monitoring of uplift of the rear wheel but it still cannot block its disks. At the attack from the start, the brakes showed no weakness. Even the handle the pedal have kept the same escalation and the same feeling. That I view road, progression to a pushed pace seems to be trying. To slow the Group down, I take a photo stop to set the 821 to my sauce.

Only at the stop, can enter a submenu and make finer tuning of each mode of conduct. The explosiveness of the Sport mode is intoxicating; I can no longer do without. The DTC that is very late I like also very much. Is only the ABS that I preferred in Touring. Although it emits a strange noise when it works, it is not unpleasant for the conduct. Engine High, ABS 2, DTC 2, grand gas.

2015 Ducati Monster 821 test

2015 Ducati Monster 821 test

If you make your own setting, it will be stored even if you turn the ignition off. It will be kept, even if you disable the two aid in one of three modes. Better than the SMC – R which gives you a layer of ABS at every opportunity?

We remake road to Bologna by borrowing a relatively rapid section where very large curves punctuated with a few slow corners follow each other. The ideal situation to become aware of the linkage of the gearbox. With the power and torque curves further internally the engine speed range, it is much less hunting for the next report with the old version.

Indeed, the engine will be pounding that beyond 7 ‘ 000 rpm, driving is more casting on Monster 821. Mechanical control of the clutch is relatively light, without however to match a hydraulic control. The lever can be used two fingers but must be adjusted to reach the sticking point at the right time. Once in the rhythm, it moved reports without engaging and accompanying the selector of good gesture.

The end of the route takes a bumpy road from end to end. Maintaining the pace becomes difficult when the bike jumps bump by bump and a slight wobble appears. The limit of the suspensions of entry-level seems reached, but it took to engage rather fast on this road in poor condition to feel the effect.

2015 Ducati Monster 821 with passenger

2015 Ducati Monster 821 with passenger

Pneumatic plant riding is a Pirelli Diablo Rosso II already known, but in a new dimension rear: 180/60 R17, instead of 180/55. This tire is born of the development of the transalpine brand in the Superbike Championship. This slightly wider side combines flexibility of depreciation with the sportiness of a 190, wide tire. The difference is for me not blatant; however the feeling is at any point at least equivalent to a 55.

Returning to our starting point, my Foundation, nor my wrists can testify to have taken a day of driving. The relatively high position of origin seems to be natural for me. The saddle of the 821 quite won in width and thickness, as much for the driver as the passenger. The handlebar has also moved more near the driver but also higher. It is not found perched above the front wheel as with the 796.

Point of view handling this new Monster is also very strong. With his right and wide handlebars, we order the direction effortlessly both man oeuvre to attack. Swinging angle to another is a breeze and it takes very soon taste.

2015 Ducati Monster 821 in city

2015 Ducati Monster 821 in city

Ducati Monster Observe Balance

With this roadster, Ducati place a very complete entry-level product. For approximately CHF 12’000.-, no competitor offers Riding mode coupled with ABS and traction control also ends. The Monster has many Trump as a very powerful braking, intoxicating noise or rabies forward of the engine.

Sales of this bike will be according to rather on the coup de coeur, the best way to spend more to a biker. This favorite, I would have almost had it, if I didn’t know what is capable a bigger motorcycle, but also more expensive. Understand that in this market segment, I’ll be that friend who is trying to make you take the more expensive when you will hesitate to order your mount. Especially hoping to take during you.

Here are some beautiful images and pictures of Ducati Monster 821 as a spiritual bike  in gallery bellow.


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