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Motorcycles Crawley shop staff are encouraging young cyclists to ride more safely. Crawley Staff motorcycles is organizing a “weather” of its store in Royal Manor of Brighton seafront. The aim is to raise money for charity, but also to promote cycling more secure.Motorcycles Crawley shop staff

In an attempt to spread the safety message to younger and less experienced motorcyclists, the organizers want to see so many motorcycles of 125ccinvolved as possible.

Graham Cole, marketing director of the company, explained: “outs Ride tend to focus on those who have great big machines, so this is something that really has not been done before we are trying to promote riding safer.”

It is expected that hundreds of runners will take part in the trip to the South coast on Sunday, August 24.

Cole added: “we are not limiting the trip only 125ccriders but we will have an escort from the police, thanks to four bikes in the Sussex Police.”
In addition to drum home the safety message, the shop also has a poignant reason to raise money. Two members of staff, Ollie Clent and Ray Baldey, have partners with serious debilitating conditions.

Ollie, 23 years, who has worked at the store for 18months, explained that his old girlfriend, Lauren Watson, 23-anos was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy seven years old.

He said: “it is a muscle wasting disease and affects the shoulders and hips, which in turn affects the muscles of the arms and legs she describes it as” having drunk legs ‘…

“In the next ten years will be permanently in a wheel hair. She needs a lot of help, but she only puts hands to work.”

Girlfriend of Ray Baldey, Louise Holley, suffers from a condition known as hypertension idiopathic intracranial(HII), a condition in which there is an increase of pressure around the brain.

Ray, who came up with the idea of organizing fundraising, explained: “Louise was paralyzed on the left side of his body in October last was diagnosed with IIH…”

IIH is where the body produces too much spinal fluid and has to go.” It causes crushing headaches. We want to create awareness of IIH since not many people have heard of it.

“I asked the powers that be if we could do a tour in support of it and they told me Yes.”

Cyclists wishing to participate in the walk out should reach shop at Gatwick road for around 13:00, ahead of a start 15:00.

Participants are invited to dress in orange – the color of the Muscular Dystrophy campaign.

The money raised will be divided between IIH United Kingdom and Harry’s help 4 Fund, which supports the work of the Muscular Dystrophy campaign. It will cost you £10 to participate.

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