BMW R nine T Test 2014

This bike imposes a maximum say this of this new BMW at the stop, it may be accurate, but it verges on understatement. Because this R nine T, it is also and even before all in action that it appreciates and is, rightly, a max! A hangover that downright gives voice, it is even not discussed, it listens.

2014 BMW R nineT

2014 BMW R nineT rear side

There are motorcycles which naturally bite curiosity, the new BMW R nine T forms part. Curiosity, is not so much what can be guessed in the eye of motorists and pedestrians who discover it at the corner of a street or a red light, but more fun and somewhere, surely, of envy. It is true that by the elegance of its design, everything seems to fall just and able to captivate the gaze. The R nine T is a motorcycle that one really takes pleasure to look at, to detail, not only because it is in sharp contrast to the BMW world – where the mark usually displays a design and technology which are own – but also because its unique aesthetic contrasts sharply with the rest of the current production.

BMW R nine T Style

Above all, the R nine T invites to wonder about the path that led the German constructor, accustomed to border its new bikes of the latest technologies, to accept to do less, much less, a model that still echoes no BMW of the past. A style stripped near the bike concept unveiled in 2008, and a genre that it was decided a little default small Qualify err neo-retro, it must be said, and simply because it seemed in the end closer to the more what progressed this bike aesthetically, but also what we could assume that it promises dynamically- Error-Big mistake.

Some clues visible like a horn in the middle of figure ought to lead us to more restraint because, well look, they are well modern elements that BMW has retained its R nine T, starting with this fork reversed, all golden adorned, derived from the S 1000 RR hyper sportive but found here devoid of settings. Not sure no more that the radial 4-piston calipers, supported moreover by ABS, refers to models of a past in which one was causing rather drums… About trumpets, they take the form of dual output Slovenian maker Akrapovic-liveried. Then, some will perhaps dare to advance the historical reference fits in the twin flat retained for nine T R, because water block, which now equips the new R 1200 GS and R 1200 RT, it was preferred to highlight a good old block air and oil-cooled.

bmw r nine t 2014

bmw r nine t

Yeah! One may object that this block always anime model R 1200 R. As historic bond, it’s a little light… More than content, therefore much of the container that emanates this somewhat nostalgic scented perfume. And when I tell you that this R nine T pique curiosity, and especially mine, it is precisely because by looking at there, to bask on its stand, I wonder finally what this rampage will be done.

Before you put a kick starter and ébrouer Teutonic mechanics, I start in silence, by settling its standing. The shyly padded saddle shows yet comfortable enough at first glance. Quite narrow, it allows the knees come to stay course against the parties brushed aluminum drawing the indentations of the tank. Because it is aluminum that consists the tank, and if it is covered for a large part of black paint, the flanks expose the raw material. A very pretty piece. To catch the wide handlebars, the R nine T requires that we look forward, more for example as on the R 1200 R that we were discussing earlier.

2014 bmw r nine t test

bmw r nine t test

A slightly tilted position that there is nothing radical, especially as associated with its narrowness limited seat height to calmly ask his aprons ground. Once digested dimensions, the handling of the assimilated handlebar control Kit, there is only a slight impulse to the starter to enjoy the rest of the programmer. And enjoy, that is exactly the term that suits… Between the pair of reversal that stationary, swaying across every bad shot of gas, and the race noise released exhaust Akrapovic,R nine R puts an ambience that has nothing of hushed, in any case not that one could have imagined at first glance.

However, at the time of take-off, this BMW is rather easy getting started when you take the measure of his template which, if it is not delusional, is not that a Yamaha MT-07 for example. The R nine T is simply a 1 200 cm3 claiming 223 kg on the scale and who must deal with a turning radius just in the average. This will be the last time that it is just average. From now on, it is played above.

test bmw r nineT 2014

test bmw r nineT

And a good note, the R nine T receives one from the first rounds of wheels where the flexibility of his clutch, the accuracy of its gearbox and the smoothness of its selection is noted positively. Very flexible at low revs, she agrees to purr quietly as soon as 1 500/2 000 rpm on the third or fourth report, without hiccuping, and even certain to climb rapidly in the towers impetus. A palpable motor force from low revs and accentuated by a reworked gimbals to promote the acceleration.

Undoubtedly, the Bavarian has the PEPs! And if mechanically, the use of the twin comfort zone lies between 4 000 and 5 500 rpm, the BMW agrees to climb yet 2 k RPM higher. These schemes initiated by the Akrapovic release vocalizations are just intoxicating. But rather than to Wade too high in the towers, it is much more on the motor force and torques it preferable to evolve. While flexibility, or even better, all in rhythm, like a generous twin be conducted. A cadence that R nine T will lead to great train through a perfectly balanced part-cycle.

bmw r nine t review

bmw r nine t review 2014

Very stable, incisive, this roadster offers finally customary instinctive control at BMW. Where your eyes, arise following your wheels. Simply, if appropriate, a small pulse on one side or other of the wide handlebars to train R nine T turning. A turn that would follow with many masters. Incidentally, note the excellent work of the Conti Road Attack 2 tires, which have ensured a perfect binding with a sometimes wet, sometimes damp soil, and often dry.

And this is also one of the characteristics of this bike which will tend to become more and rarer in heavy-duty roadsters, the absence of electronic gear, including Traction Control. Adhesion, it manages to the wrist, not using an electronic central unit, then as many say that the quality of the work of the suspensions and tires is paramount. It seems that the R nine T is well endowed in this regard; both the feeling with the asphalt is excellent. Of course, compared to a fully equipped BMW’s Telelever system, this roadster carries the characteristics that accompany the use of a conventional fork, i.e. Embedment of the front quite marked in the decision-making of the brakes. Where the Telelever limit mass transfers, the conventional with fork composed.

bmw r 9 t 2014

bmw r 9 t

And the aggressiveness of the attack of the front brake lever taking, the inverted forks derived from that fitted to the S 1000 RR hyper sportive but without adjustment of the job. To limit diving, it is recommended to apply the rear brake light pressure (too marked, it will trigger the ABS), resulting in a compression of the damper and, almost simultaneously, take the front lever, reducing the transfer of mass action and making it more efficient braking. A little technique to adopt when the pace is sports, and with this bike, it happens quite often… It is clear that we are far from the Triumph Bonneville, Kawasaki W800 or even Honda CB 1100 type neo-retro. The R nine T is a true roadster to current performance, thought to have fun regardless of the wishes of the moment. Stroll or attack him everything! We also…

bmw r nine T

bmw r nine T 2014

Conclusion: Neo-retro my knees! The BMW R nine T is a modern roadster, to current performance. Her attire have been treated, the look, the materials, the finish, as much attention pertaining to high range positioning for this bike. Sold US$ 20390, however, the novelty should succeed to convince 800 clients this year by BMW France. In absolute terms however, and beyond any subjective considerations to justify the price, it is unable to explain why the new roadster sport S 1000 R, Baker technology to kick, exchanging US$ 2720 less US$17554. But the R nine T is just a motorcycle part, and as such, any good marketer will explain the difference, when it rings just, justifies the price.

BMW R nineT, in short  measure MR

• + 230 km/h

• 110 PS

• 12 mkg

• 223 kg all full facts *.

• US$20398

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